Compact archive May 3, 2006

Robert Fulghum back in Prague

American writer Robert Fulghum is back in Prague, where his last book was published sooner than in his homeland America.

Author now presents his new book: Third Wish Granted and it is sequel of Third Wish II, The Rest of the Story, Almost and Third Wish. More than 30 000 books was sold of both previous novels in Czech Republic. His newest book will again contain a CD with songs, which are important in a text of the book.

Robert Fulghum is mostly known for his first book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten. The Author can be seen at Book World, Prague.

Milllion Marijuana March

World wide demonstration for a legalization of a marijuana will be 6th May on Saturday. This action is in Prague for eight time. As in last years, main programme is on Letna plain, but conveners are planning as a new part – a process from Old Town Square to Letna.

There will be built some podiums and visitors (or demonstrationists) can hear over 20 DJ’s and 30 bands of club or alternative music.

The demonstration is in Czech Republic organised by Civil Association of Legal Cannabis (OSLiK). Main requirements are total legalization of a marijuana, equality with legal drugs as an alcohol, a tobacco or a coffee and an amnesty for all who are accused of imprisoned only because of a connection with a marijuana or a cannabis.

New road-traffic radars in Prague

Prague police fights with disorderly drivers. Now it has new weapons. Twenty new road-traffic radars was bought in total cost of 37 millions CZK.

The police wants to decrease number of car accidents, caused by too high speed. An excessive speed makes only about 10 per cents of car crashes, but about 44 per cents of died on the roads are because of an excessive speed.

Police is using mobile road-traffic radars and also firm posts at crossroads. New twenty radars will be placed at most dangerous crossroads and places. It is at locations of Jizni spojka (Southern connection-part of Inner Prague circuit), crossroads Chodska-Sumavska, 5.kvetna-Chodovska or Jeremenkova-Podolska. This places will be marked with traffic sings, that will help as a prevention of dangerous and excessive speed.