Compact archive May 4, 2006

New trains on Czech tracks

Thirty new double-floor trains was ordered in cost of six billions Czech crowns. Contract was signed in Pendolino train, in which Prime Minister travelled to northern Moravia for election campaign. Biggest part of new trains should be used in surrounding of Ostrava, biggest town in northern Moravia.

Building of new trains will gie a job for more than 400 employees in CZK-Vagonka, inland producer of trains. Now government afforded a half of billiard, next year it is expected to afford 1,7 billiard CZK.

Vagonka can produce seven or eight trains a year. it is expected that new trains will make travelling faster, as it is still expected at fast-train and still not fully operational squad of Pendolinos.


4th intenational festival of animated movies

4th year of Anifest starts today in Trebon, South Bohemia. The festival with a stork in sign presents animated movies from 49 countries. Out of 1056 movies 250 compete in several categories: a full-length picture, a short picture, a video clip, TV-film and serial, an advertisement, a signature, student movie and movie made by kids.

Movies are from many countries, this year focused on British and Ireland movies. As a new you can see display of movies for kids from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech.
There you can see movies for kids as well as for adults, unknown as well as famous. Most known representative of English animated films are andventures of Wallace a Gromit, Czech favourite is very popular Fimfarum 2. There cannot miss Ice Age 2 or Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride.

You can meet there best animators, see traditional animations and 3-D computer techniques, and it is expected 30 000 visitors. Festival ends 10th May. ...

By and large, if you are interested in animated movies, this festival is exactly for you.

More information is on official Anifest websites.


Vaclav Klaus visited Prague centre

Vaclav Klaus, the president of Czech Republic visited Prague 1 yesterday. It was ten Prague part of fifty-seven, which the president visited. Vaclav Klaus with his wife Livia rode with historical tram and then they walked with a company of mayor of Prague 1 to Grammar school S.J.Gutha-Jarkovského.

There he answered to questions of students for example about a school-fee, an euro in Czech Republic or a registered partnership. Questions about straight voting of a president he left unanswered, because he didn’t want to speak about thing which touches him as a head of a state.

Then he take a walk with his wife and remarked that it is long time, when he was in Prague centre by foot. His last visit was in a hospital Na Frantisku.

Hurvinek has 80 years

Hurvinek, with his father Mr. Spejbl are famous marionettes designed by puppeteer Josef Skupa. Spejbl was made in years 1919-1920 and his son Hurvinek first stand out 2nd May 1926.

Puppets of Spejbl and Hurvinek during their long life had many adventures. Popularity of this pair was so big that Skupa can offer make own theater: Theater Spejbl & Hurvinek. New members appeared in 1930: Hurvinek’s friend – a girl named Manicka and Zeryk the dog.

After Josef Skupa (1892-1957), new chief puppeteer was Milos Kirschner (1927-1996). He with his ensemble travelled to whole world. Until now, Hurvinek spoke with 18 languages and he visited 31 countries like Germany, USA, Egypt or Japan.

Now is the director of the theater Helena Stachova, puppeteer and voice of Manicka from 1966. In 1971 was created Granny alias Mrs.Katerina – a granny of Manicka and her voice is from beginning by Ms. Stachova. Leader of Spejbl and Hurvinek is Martin Klásek.

Theater S+H made over 250 premieres, dozens of LPs, MCs or CDs were made during time, Hurvinek and the others can be seen in a television and his plays are for kids as well as some are for adults. Even two minor planets between Mars and Jupiter has name Spejbl and Hurvinek.

More about Spejbl and Hurvinek and plays of S+H theater you can also find at official pages.


Czech Airlines transported a million passengers

Czech Airlines transported over a million passengers in a first quarter of this year. It is 4,3 per cent more than last year in the same part of a year. This growth was in spite of bad weather, which was extremely unpleasant.

About 2,024 millions of passengers travelled trough Prague airport, this growth is two per cent.