Compact archive May 9, 2006

Czechs has second less nursling mortality

Czech Republic is after Japan from 33 observed advanced countries state with smallest mortality. Than it is Finland, Island and Norway.

In Czech Republic it is 3,4 babies on 1000. It is 1,8 on 1000 in Japan. USA is for example on number of 5 of 1000 babies. It is because in USA is large gap between middle and poor class.

Worst numbers are in Liberia with 65 of 1000, than Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Pakistan. This countries are in long war times. Most of nestlings die in the first day of their life.

61st anniversary of the end of World War II

Prague as many other towns and cities celebrated the end of WWII. It was not so big as it was last year but it you still could see reconstructions of battles like in Prague – Malesice. Pilsen is traditional place where you can met American veterans, because this city celebrates liberation by Americans, not Soviets as it was at eastern part of Czechoslovakia.

A ceremonial oath of new 235 professional soldiers was made to a president Vaclav Klaus at Prague Castle. Then Vaclav Klaus inaugurated eight high officers to a general rank. One of them Pavel Stefek – General Chief of Staff was promoted to rank General of the Army.

General Alois Elias, Prime Minister during WWII was in year 1942 executed by Nazis. After 64 years he was finally with his wife buried. He was executed for helping to London resistance. Their final rest is now because their urns were kept secret and safe in communistic times by their friend a historian Tomas Pasak. Place of their final rest is at Vitkov memorial.


Unique music instruments were stolen

Two unique music instruments were stolen on Sunday night. It is an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. Every one can recognize them at the first sight – both of them are made of match-sticks.

It may sound unbelievable, but instruments are made only from match-sticks (except metal pieces like strings) and they are fully functional. The guitar is made from 17 000 matches and it took 2738 hours of work. The mandolin is made from 7426 matches and it took 1127 hours. Some number of matches was made by a creator itself from different wood.

The instruments was stolen during loading of match-sticks products at the and of World Book Prague as a part of exhibition from locked car. It is suspected that robbery was planned. But the guitar and the mandolin can’t be sold because they are really unique and everyone will know origin of them.

A cost of music instruments can be counted twice: like a cost of 25 000 match-sticks or what is more accurate – incalculable. Owners offer 10 000 CZK for any information that will help to catch thieves.

Czech movies takes foreign awards

New Czech movie Ucastnici Zajezdu is three weeks after Czech premiere and it has two awards from New York movie festival Tribeca. Director Jiri Vejdelek shot this movie by a novel of contemporary author Michal Viewegh. Tribeca was found by Robert De Niro and Lucy Liu gave a prize to actress Eva Holubova. A jury also gave a special award to all actor’s team.

A movie from 2005 Doblba! won another award. It was awarded few days ago at Israeli movie festival. Doblba! strongly took a jury and an audience. After normal awards at the very end Doblba! movie was appreciated as most original movie. They appreciated many original elements used by humorous form.
This award was specially made for this movie.

General Perina died 6th May

General Perina, 95 years old fighter ace of World War II died two days before 61st anniversary of the WWII end. Ace nicknamed A General of a Sky during war was one of many Czechs, who helped on France and English side.

He was like a hunter and a modern knight fighting in aluminium armour. When he escaped from Czechoslovakia to Foreign Legion, he left his wife two days after wedding in their homeland. He has a goal to kill ten enemies for every one of his dear who will be killed by Nazis. Perina shot down eleven enemy air crafts in three weeks in France. He made a suicide action to protect his colleagues. When a battle for France was lost, he joined to British Royal Air Force. There he had a fight against three enemy air crafts end he shot all three down.

He has only three years of freedom after the end of WWII. He escaped to USA because of communists. – Many Czech heroes of WWII was imprisoned in deadly conditions just because they fought at western side of Allies like U.K. or France. In 1992 Frantisek Perina returned to Czech Republic. As he said he come here to die.

General Perina was honoured at the begin of this April, but in the middle of the month his wife Anna died. At her funeral, he take a rose, broke it in the middle and he put it on her coffin. He lost the meaning of life and he died few days after her death. Before that he was still very active.
Elementary school in Prague-Repy, a place where he lived, has it’s name for a few years.