Compact archive May 11, 2006

Paul van Dyk in Prague

Read Paul Van Dyk in Prague in 2008

Michael Burian and Friends present exhibition of absolute number one of world DJ’s, awarded with UK DJ MAG 100 and American DJ star Paul van Dyk 26th May.

His production team want to make biggest production, which was ever made for this type of performance. Whey want to prepare huge podium, massive light show, LED screens, special ramps for dancers, pyrotechnical systems, lasers and more audio-visual effects of this show.

This will be in Prague T-Mobile Arena and Paul Van Dyk will introduce his recent album Politics of Dancing 2. All information you need you can find at official pages.


Vaclav Klaus was awarded twice

Vaclav Klaus has received an honorary doctoral degree from London City University this Wednesday. He also met with David Cameron – leader of Conservatives and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. You can read a manifestation of Vaclav Klaus in this occasion.

4th May Vaclav Klaus was awarded in New York by Foundation For Economic Education with prestigious Adam Smith Award. He also presented a manifestation at Third Annual Adam Smith Dinner.


Brain operation in full consciousness

Prague neurosurgeons at Motol hospital made an unique operation. They take away one quarter of brain of thirteen years old girl in full consciousness. She was suffering heavy epilepsy and doctor need to find places of disease.

The patient has to be in consciousness, because doctors needed to find places by testing her reactions with showing pictures to her. Then they find bad places with maximum accuracy. It is for first time when a patient was so young.

Katerina Jacques Case

A fast investigation has results in case of beating Katerina Jacques by police at anti neo-Nazi demonstration and still continues.

First punished was a policeman, who command to a brutal policeman Tomas Cermak. He will have lower salary by ten per cent for one month.

District director of Prague 2 Jan Navratil and vice-director Petr Vanecek have to abandon their posts. They will work at lower positions.

Police president Vladislav Husak wasn’t raised to a general rank and some of his inferiors has higher rank than he has.
Vice-director of Prague police will be most probably degraded. Ten policemen who done nothing against behaving of their colleague Cermak will be investigated too.

Tomas Cermak is suspected of overstep public agent’s power, a bodily harm and a restriction of personal liberty.

Flower day

You could meet people with yellow flowers in yesterday Prague. It was 10th Flower day, organised by League Against Cancer. This gathering is every second May Wednesday. Students sold yellow pot marigold flowers for 20 CZK at least.

Organisers prepared 590 thousands of flowers, 135 scout pairs sold it to Prague citizens and tourists. League’s goal was to gather at least 10 million CZK.

This year was a theme woman cancer like breast cancer and cervix cancer, because number of diseased and dead patients is not decline. Money from the gather will be used for a prevention and a research.

Transport news

Republiky square will be without trams for four months. It is from 13th May to 20th September and reason is construction of shopping centre Palladium. All trams will by-pass on close ways trough stations Vltavska and Tesnov or Staromestka and Cechuv bridge.

New bridge will be built above Vltava to connect Holesovice and Troja. It is a part of built Prague inner circuit. It is planned transportation of cars, trams, bikes and pedestrians too. Prague City hall will choose best proposal for new bridge. Building should start this year.