Compact archive May 12, 2006

Guns N‘ Roses in Prague

Guns N‘ Roses will play in Prague. This rock legends will perform at Sazka Arena on 13 June 2006. Its holiday for fans, because GNR make concerts very rarely. It is also expected a new album.

You can buy seated tickets at 2 100 CZK, 1 400 CZK and 1 150 CZK, standing in front of the stage at 1 250 CZK and standing tickets at 1 000 CZK. You can buy ticket via the Internet from March 22 until June 11, 2006.

Web page with official information is at Sazka portal.


Folk dancers at Old Town Square

I’ve found nice photos of folk/national dance, where artistic group presented a piece of our history, tradition and culture.

The dances were described as being from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, and Hungary.
The music was provided by a fairly large cimbalom group which, if memory serves me, had four violins, two violas, a bass, and two clarinets in addition to the cimbalom.

If you can’t imagine how can old Slavonic music sound, than closest known music style is something like polka an wiener waltz.

Here are the photos.


Prague news 12th May

Martina Navratilova is out. She and Barbora Strycova end at quarterfinals. They was defeated by double Harkleroad-Mattek 4:6, 2:6. Martina don’t know if she would play next year again.

New James Bond is now shot in Plana, where is exterior for a hospital, where James Bond in new movie Casino Royale will be operated. Than the crew will move to Loket and than to Karlovy Vary.

Czech Crown has a new record. It reached a prize 28,15 crowns for an euro yesterday. Crowns also is reaching a record with dollar. This is good news for Czech customers, who want to buy foreign products, but it is bad for Czech exporters.


Hurvinek knows his owner

Spejbl and Hurvinek has certain owners. Prague city court definitely determined who is owner of this marionettes. There was a long trial between Helenna Stachova, director of Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek and heir of Josef Skupa – designer of the marionettes.

Helena Stachova and all theatre can be calm now, because this court, as well as two recent give all rights connected with Spejbl and Hurvinek to her. Almost. Still there is a chance that the heir -Pilsen social institution will use extraordinary judicial remedy at Highest court.

Whole problem was determine, who is a real author of marionettes. The heir says that it was Skupa, Stachova was trying to explain that Skupa’s design was heavily changed by wood-carver of S+H.

If Stachova lose a trial, Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek would pay 400 000 crown a year to the heir – owner of registered mark. A such big cost would cause that the theatre would have to be closed.


Injured British tourist will be compensated

Malcom Tuffin was seriously injured when Christmas tree at Prague Old Town Square fall upon him on December 2003. He was freely compensated by a half of a million CZK. He process Folk Art Production – organiser of Prague markets and a manager of Christmas tree and Capital city of Prague for 2,5 million crowns. And he has win. Still both sides of a trial has an opinion to appeal.

The trail was surprisingly very fast. Judge said that although it was cause of bad wood and strong wind, the organisers had had to make better disposals.

Malcom Tuffin is after the incident still ill. He has to use crutches, because he had injured legs and some parts of a spine. As he is saying the worst is for him psychical consequences. The accident is still returning to him.


Prague International Marathon starts tommorow

Prague International Marathon (PIM) is traditional sport event attracting thousand of runners and tourists. Non-sporting tourists will have to stay outside of barriers for sportsman, and they have to admire at some places runners instead of some Prague monuments.

Marathon is divided into two parts. First day is reserved for amateurs. 8 kilometers long City Run starts Saturday 3 PM at Wenceslas Square and ends at Old Town Square. Registration fee is 10 euro or 300 CZK. Each runner can pick up a start number and a start bag, containing an official t-shirt and presents from partners of the Run.

Second Fun Run is 4km long Family Run. Starting time is 3,20 PM. Start and finish are same, as well as a registration fee and a start bag. Both runs will have one refreshing point.

Third run is In-line Race for 5 and 15 kilometers. Start is at Old Town Square, a trace ends at Zlute lazne (Yellow Spa). Race starts at 4 PM for 5 km long race and at 4.15 PM for 15km. A fee is 10 Euro.

Main and professional race is 42,195 kilometers long, starts 14th at 9 AM and everyone can participate. You only have to be over 18 years and registration fee 60 Euro has to be payed until Saturday 9 PM at kiosk on lower end of Wenceslas square. Collecting of starting bags end at same time. Bags are containing a lot of presents, as well as a registration fee includes many other things like a Czech beer or massages.

Prague International Marathon will cause a lot of temporary changes in Prague traffic.

All information connected with the marathon is at PIM pages.