Compact archive May 15, 2006

Nick Cave in Prague

Nick Cave will play in Prague with his band the Bad Seeds in Congress Centre. You can hear them 30th September 2006.

Nick Cave’s life as a singer, a composer, a writer and even actor was colourful. This Australian star is described as “last real rock star” or as an genius. He lived in Australia, London, former Western Berlin and Brazil. He also has an experience with drugs. His music is judged as best as well as terrible.

After many years of performing he is called “A cult”. He made thirteen albums, the last one in 2004. He was eleven-times awarded and now he will visit Prague. His recent visit of Czech Republic was last year at festival Love Planet in Southern Bohemia town Tabor.

Tickets are not yet available.


Sigmund Freud exhibition

Interesting exhibition is dedicated to Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-analysis, author of many books, terms and procedures which are used nowadays.

He examined a dreams and random thoughts of patients in search of hidden feelings, fears and desires. One of most known books is The Interpretation of Dreams. His theories was controversial like the psycho sexual development, they was for unacceptable for both Fascist and Communistic regime, but many of these theories is still correct and used. Terms consciousness, a triple id, ego and superego.

Sigmund Freud has this year 150th birth anniversary and Design Centre of Czech Republic presents the exhibition in Prague – Jungmann street 30. It is called Sofas Full of Senses for Sigmund Freud and it presents Czech designers design of sofas proposed for psychoanalytical sessions. You can see a needlework of female patients as an expressions of their thoughts.

Exhibition also shows a display of Freud’s life and science, so everyone can gain an information about him. The exhibition ends 9th June.


Marathon results

Precisely 14 184 runners was at Prague Marathon this weekend. 4082 runners was at main 42 km long run. It was started by the president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.

A winner is Shami Hassan Mubarak from Quatar . Best Czech marathon runner Pavel Faschinbauer was fifth. Unfortunately he miss a time limit for Europe championship for 23 seconds because he had an indigestion difficulties and his unplanned stop on 18th kilometer took him some time.

A research says that although the marathon means a lot of traffic changes, for ninety per cents of Prague citizens is the marathon prestigious event.

Ship accident at Vltava river

A ship at Vltava in Prague started to sink Saturday evening. “Odyssea” safely got to home landing-place with passengers, but sinking was obvious. Fire-men and divers started to save the ship.

Immediately firemen raised a floating barrage as an protection against leaking oil. Fortunately there was almost no oil escaped. The ship still made water, so it was tied to a dock. One fire-vessel, 55 fire-men and three divers started to repair a hole and with combination of pumps, Odyssey was saved.

Police investigation says that the hole become when the ship brush against a pillar of Charles Bridge, when it floated under. No passengers notice a clash. Whole accident is investigated by traffic police as an usual car accident. They made an alcohol test to captain of a ship. A result was negative.

A preliminary loss is four million Czech crowns.