Compact archive May 16, 2006

Medieval crane at Prague Castle

Prague Castle has new attraction and it is really huge exhibit. A copy of crane has same proportions as a real medieval crane. It was build by pictures from manuscript of Wenceslas Bible from the end of 14th century, and by research of similar historical devices.

Whole crane was built from hand hacked wood using medieval technologies. The crane is using manpower – two men run in big wheel – like a hamster and thus the crane can do required things.

Unfortunately, creators of replica hadn’t enough money to make additional programme like using the crane by visitors.
The crane will be at Prague Castle at the end of September.

Stereolab in Prague tommorow

British band Streolab will perform tomorrow in Palace Akropolis at 7 PM.

Their music is represented as a part of British postpsychedelic scene of nineties. Stereolab connects melodic pop of Beatles Era with electronic vanguard , English guitar invention and bewitching of French female singer. Spin Magazine says that Stereolab is one of most influential pop groups, the Guardian appreciate the group as most addictive music of nowadays.

Entrance fee is from 450 to 470 CZK.


Havlickovy sady has 100 years

Havlicek’s gardens has an anniversary today. Beautiful park in Prague 2 – Vinohrady is a rest from a city life. And today is there rich programme for each visitor. There will be Concert of Prague brass ensemble and compound evening with a lecture about history of Havlickovy sady.

A rich businessman Moritz Gröbe built representative family estate in the seventies of 19th century. Famous architects helped to built it. After his death his heirs sold whole mansion with large garden to (Royal) Vinohrady. The park was opened for public 16th May 1906.

Whole area including gardens and buildings is Preserved monument. Prague 2 gained the park from Capital city of Prague in bad condition in 1999. The park with buildings were reconstructed in cost 47 millions Czech crowns. New roads, kids playgrounds and stairs will be made yet.


Charles Bridge will be checked

After Saturday ship collision with Charles Bridge is planned that place of collision will be examined. It is not clear that ship Odyssey was really damaged by a pillar of the bridge or some underwater obstacle, but the pillar will be checked by divers.

Just to be sure, because there is almost no chance that the bridge can be more seriously damaged by a ship. Divers can do their job after two or three days, they are waiting for better visibility under surface.

Protection of passengers at Prague ships is at good level. Although no ship has a lifeboat (it is not necessary), each ship is equipped by life jackets, floating blocks or an another protection. In addition Vltava river in Prague is relatively safe.

Ship accident is rare in Prague – one accident in two or three years. Biggest accident was in year 1898, when a boiler of a steamship exploded and three people died. Technical condition of ships are periodically checked every two or two and half years and at random by State shipping government.

Memorial at Vitkov hill comes alive

Vitkov hill memorial struggled with his past. Now it can look into future. The large memorial with large statue of a warrior and a leader Jan Zizka is slowly attracting people.

About history of the memorial and theatre, which will be played in the memorial you can read an older article Memorial at Vitkov hill as a theater.

Every year is at Vitkov large celebration of Children’s Day called Bambiriada, this year it is 25th – 28th May (Thursday-Sunday) from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. As I remember from last year, there will be a fun and an entertainment for every children. And parents will be happy too I think. Huge programme is planned and it will take hours to a family to see all attractions, and games. I can only recommend it.

The Vitkov memorial will be reconstructed at the end of the season in autumn, but it still will be opened. After reconstruction in 2009, there will be modern museum about Czech history of 20th century. The museum should have multimedia expositions and presentations.