Compact archive May 19, 2006

3, 2, 1, Shoot!

This is not traditional marathon. This is not traditional photo contest. This is Prague Photomarathon. One day, six hours, twelve themes and Prague. Photo amateurs as well as professionals, digital cameras as well as film camera, Czech or foreigner. There is no difference.

This interesting competition is tomorrow for second time. Winner will be rewarded. Fist prize is Olympus E-500, smallest prize is at 30th place. Rules are simple: Anyone older 15 can compete. Each competitor must have own camera. Starting and registration point: Old Town Square. Registration fee 400,- CZK. Photographers with 35mm film camera will obtain a film to 12 photos. It is not allowed to use any other. Competition starts at between 8 to 10 AM. Everyone will get same 12 themes at this time and competitor will have six hours to make 12 photos in exact order. Photos (film or data’s) has to be brought in Photo centre Skoda in Vodickova street, few meters from Wenceslas square from 4 PM to 6 PM. Works will be evaluated by a professional jury nominated by the organizer.

If you are nearby, why not try it?

Czech crown is breaking records

Czech crown is strongest in comparison with world currency – American dollar and euro – ever. One dollar is 21,78 CZK now and one euro is 28,10 CZK. This level was reached in one day 17th May. It is incredible how can value of a currency be so fluctuating. Some years ago one euro was equal to 33 CZK, and one dollar was 36 CZK.

Strong crown has advantages as well as disadvantages. For Czech people it means cheaper foreign goods like electronics and cars and cheaper travelling. On the other hand Czech exporters has a problem to sell their goods, because it is more expensive, than it was. For you who want to travel to Czech Republic it mean less crowns for one dollar/euro/pound etc.

Some change might be in this trend after Czech elections, if communists would take some place in the government.

Tatoo convention this weekend

8th International Tattoo Convention starts today in Slavia Praha hall and ends on Sunday 20th. It presents 60 tattoo artists.

Amateurs and professional can admire tattoo techniques, motives of foreign and Czech artists and everyone can feel their art at own skin. Literally :-) There is also a competition for tattoo artists.

Convention is not about tattooing. There is a wide offer of piercing jewels. You can let apply it at the place.

There is a rich supporting programme, like a music band The Airbags, a personality glamorizing show by a studio Hell or Czech Capoiera team. There will be an auction of tattoo artist work, an contest for an audience. There will be also 80-minute long special show by Crazy White Sean. Organisers don’t want to say more about it, only that will be breathtaking.

The admission is 180.- CZK, the hall of Slavia Prague is at Vladivostocka street 10 – Prague 10, Vrsovice.

Yellow Spa upgraded

Yellow Spa (Zlute Lazne) will offer more ways of entertainment from the end of this week. Spa is sport and cultural centre in Prgue Podoli quarter at Vltava river bank.

It has open-door days this weekend. 15 millions is cost of adjustments, repairs, and an expansion. You can do there so much. There are grass beach and nudistic beach, a sportground for volleyball, beach volleyball, football in a cage, sand footbal, petanque, footballtennis, table tennis, bouldering, dragon ships, exterier chess, a rental of motor ships and foot-power ships. There are also hot showers, free internet acces 700 square meters of children corner.

Prague has a mobile hospital

Specially modified truck is now prepared to use. This interesting project has cost 17,5 millions crowns in shape of a truck. The truck in colours of a rescue service will work in Prague and even in Central Bohemia region.

This truck with special semi-trailer will be used at causes of mass accident where more than 50 people will be injured or a solving the accident will take more than one hour. This can be for example in causes of a terrorist attack, plane-crash, large car-accident, a railway accident, collapse of a building or natural disaster.

The hospital on wheels will come close to the place and there will start it’s transformation. A part of right side and a roof of a truck will push forward and this will make a space for 15 badly injured people in safe and relatively sterile conditions, where doctors can prepare them for transport into a hospital. Another part will push forward too and this will make a space for a dispatching. A little tower will move from a roof and this will make a space for control of a situation at a place of an accident. The trailer itself will be support place for medic and doctors and also a medical store. The whole transformation can handle single man and it will takes only ten minutes.

The truck is equipped with a supply of oxygen and electricity. The truck has own energy for 48 hours. Drivers are five, they has 12 hours long shift with periodical changing. They are equipped with a navigation system showing them a way, which they can use for this big automobile.