Compact archive May 24, 2006

Joe Zawinul at Prague Castle

Jazz on the Prague Castle continues 28th May. Joe Zawinul from Wien will perform this Sunday with his five-members band.

Zawinul with Wayne Short and Miroslav Vitous created Weather Report band. At the end of eighties Zawinul Syndicate invited musicians from Africa, India and Latin America. Another of his talents was presented at symphonical project Stories of the Danube, inspired by Bedrich Smetana classic Vltava.


False millions of dollars were found

112 millions dollars were found at Czech-German border during routine control of a cargo. Cheb police discover over 1,1 millions false one hundred dollar banknotes.

Packets of banknotes has tapes with a text “banknotes for a cult”. This was transported by Vietnam traders in boxes with food and with kitchen tools. False banknotes has very bad quality, but these copies were printed at both sides. So it can happen that someone who haven’t seen true dollars will not recognize false from true.

It is probably that the false should be used for religion purposes. Vietnam religion uses a false money to burn in sacrifice rituals. This can help to summon spirits of ancestors.

Now Czech National Bank has to decide, if the banknotes will be returned to Vietnam community or destroyed.

Zizkov TV tower in new colours

TV tower in Zizkov has new colours during night. It is lighten by colour lights as a part of celebration, because it is 125 years from raising Zizkov to a town. Colour lights will cover surface of the tower every night for five years.

There was many discussions about the TV tower in part, it’s broadcastings began in nineties, and high futuristic structure has slowly become popular. Now the towers broadcasts many TV and radio stations and there is for a fee choice to take a look from the tower and even you can visit a restaurant located in there. Worth to say, that prizes are as expensive as the restaurant is high.

Now Zizkov TV tower has a colours of white, red and blue (from top to bottom). That are official colour of Radio Prague and of course colour of Czech Republic. After some time, the colours will be changing.

USA want missile silo in Czech Republic

Washington is planning to build a missile silo in Czech Republic or Poland. Pentagon will have resolution in summer. It is expected that the silo will be used as a defence against enemy missiles, for example from Iran.

The silo should have ten anti-air missiles able to destroy another missiles. Pentagon asked Congress for 56 millions dollars and the facility should be finished in 2011.

Speaker of Czech Ministry of Defence said, that Czech Republic has not any precise proposal from USA. Czech Republic and Poland are both members of NATO.