Compact archive May 25, 2006

Czech shares is falling

Czech Stock market has problem: almost every Czech stocks loses the value. It was third biggest fall in a history. Stocks value is now for 150 milliards less than last week. Unipertol stocks forfeited by 13 per cents.

Expert says that fall is not caused from inside of Czech Republic and Czech market. The forfeit is world-wide, caused by raising the price of oil and by American investors. They are worried because slowing the economy, raising interest rate and the inflation, so they are pulling back money from stocks.

Prague and Czech market has biggest fall in Central Europe. The Fall from Tuesday to Wednesday was in Czech Republic 4,2 per cents, Poland had 4,1 per cents, Austria has lesser fall – 1,6 per cents.

Reason of biggest fall at Czech market is simple: during recent months Czech economy was strongly rising. Now it has a space to fall. Economists say, that there is no reason to worry: Czech economy is still at a good way, it is expected high raising after this and this is good time to buying “good stocks”, because their lower cost will return in some time back to higher value.

I’m not an economist expert, so I apologize for any nonsenses. But information are taken from relevant sources.

Pearl Jam tickets available

Great news for every Pearl Jam fan. Tickets are now available!
As you maybe know, Pearl Jam will perform in Prague 22nd September 2006. The concert starts in traditional 8 PM.

Seated tickets at 1 590 CZK, 1 290 CZK and 1 090 CZK, standing in front of the stage at 1 390 CZK and standing tickets at 990 CZK.

Official info with a plan, a booking and sales points is at Sazka Ticket pages.

So let’s buy some Jam!


Beer tourism declines

As inquiry says a beer is second most popular attraction in Czech Republic. But a beer tourism to Czech Republic is lower in comparison with last year. The beer tourism – travelling to any destination to drink cheap beer and have cheap entertainment – is still very popular, but some travellers change a destination.

Most beer tourists is from United Kingdom. But as statistics say, in Czech Republic was for 15 per cents British travellers less than last year. With cheap flights to another destinations, they slowly leaving Bohemia. On the other side, the amount of sold beer is same as it was last year. It is because tourists bring Czech beer back home.

Czech Republic is at world first place with sold beer in count to a citizen. It is 16 millions hectolitres, 156,5 litres to one person. But as brewing industry says, 15-20 per cents of sold beer in Czech Republic is drunk by foreigners visiting Prague and Czech Republic. The quantity of a beer sold abroad in is also raising.

As I see it thus maybe beer travellers will have cheaper beer in Slovakia, Ukraine or Latvia, but best beer is in only Czech Republic.


War low-cost airlines continues

As you can read in older articles, a majority in low-cost flights in Czech Republic have two companies: Czech Smart Wings and SkyEurope from Slovakia.

Their fight for attracting travellers continues. SkyEurope now offers something new. It is transport for free for children.
The number of reservation for kids cannot be bigger than the number of adult reservation in a group. Other conditions are booking in this week and flight in a date between a half of june and the end of August.


On Petrin hill by foot

Petrin hill is great place to visit, when you want to see something more than streets of Prague. Lookout tower as a small copy of Paris Eiffel tower, Mirror maze, observatory and a quiet park at hill is a peaceful place for travellers.

Most known way how to get to top of the hill is using a funicular from Lesser Town. It is only two stops and tourists can use public traffic tickets.

Unfortunately the funicular will be out of order during main tourist season this year. It will be repaired from 5th June to 2nd September. Walls which holds a funicular have to be repaired. They slowly move and they are damaged by roots of trees.

The repair has to be during the season, because Europe Union grant is limited by purpose and also by time. Money will come in Summer and they has to be spend for repair as fast as possible. Total cost is expected 53 millions CZK.

Although using the funicular was most comfortable, you can still use two different ways. First is walk up to hill by foot from Lesser Town, for example from point of funicular stop.

Second way is not so physical exhausting, because you can get to Petrin from behind by a bus. You can ride from metro Andel at Smichov (bus line 217) or from metro Dejvice (where ends airport bus) with bus 217, 149 or 143. You get off at Koleje Strahov station, where you can also see a biggest stadium in Central Europe. And than you go straight forward between two sides of student dormitories. At the end of a street there is narrower street leading to Petrin park.