Compact archive May 26, 2006

Eating in Prague

Here I bring you a blog article about experiences with Czech food, by an American. He describes Czech beer, marinated Camembert, mushroom pie with beets, Slovak gnocchi, beef hunk, a goulash and some speciality – kaplicka basta.

The first thing we ate, nakládaný hermelín (45 crowns), turned out to be a regional specialty. This was at Café Indigo (Platnéřska 11, Praha 1). It’s a small round of Camembert marinated in oil with a spice we believe was paprika. Michael said it’s a common bar food served all over Prague. Camembert is one of my least favorite cheeses, but this was good, and I’d like to figure out how to prepare it before our next party.

The rest is here

For me it is interesting to have some view about Czech food by a foreigner and for you it can give you an opinion too.

I invite any experience with Czech food/drink, good or bad by you.

Two Parties abdicated from elections

Two non-parliament Parties has ended a fight for voters.

Ceska Pravice (The Czech rights) has abdicated this Wednesday. A leader of the Party Jan Simkanic said that their voters should vote Civic Democrats (ODS). Ceska Pravice had voting number seven and run in seven regions. Simkanic explained that the abdication was made as way how to avoid to Communistic party (KSCM) and Social Democrats (CSSD) to win the votes.

Second party has abdicated yesterday. It is Helax – Ostrava se bavi (Helax – Ostrava amuse oneself). This truly rag political party says that their purpose is done – to arouse public notice. The party had as well as Ceska Pravice almost no chance to get to the Parliament. Election manager of the Party says that their voters should support Parties, what can smash KSCM and CSSD.


Motol hospital starts with a reconstruction

Motol Hospital, specialized to children patients was many years without any repairs or reconstruction. It was because of lack of money. Now repairs can start in full speed.

Dangerous balconies, malfunction heating, falling plaster, leaking ascending pipes. This and many more things need to be repair in the children hospital. It is six years from first proposal of a reconstruction.

Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek and Minister of Health inaugurated brand new repaired most important part of the hospital yesterday. It is Energocentre, a heart of Motol complex. This underground building is a technical core of hospital and it was the first step to reconstruction of another parts. The cost was 250 millions crowns.

Next repaired part of Motol is a bed section at C wing.
The cost is expected one milliard CZK, repairing time one year.

This is another reconstruction step to repair of the whole hospital.
Complete reconstruction will take five to six milliards and the end of reconstruction would be in 2010.