Compact archive May 30, 2006

Open door day at Prague City hall

City hall of Prague has tomorrow opening day at Marian square, Prague 2 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

You can overlook interiors of a house like a conference room, find out history of the house. You can watch a movie about Prague monuments, see photos of famous people and historical photos.

There will be some fun for kids, rescue service will present first aid help and you can also see a presentation of city organisations like Prague zoo, Museum or the Planetarium.

Memorial of two Czech WWII heroes

Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik will have a memorial. These two Czech and Slovak soldiers made the assassination of top Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, the “Protector of Bohemia and Moravia” and the chief planner of the holocaust.

They assassinate him 27th May 1942 in Prague – Liben, when he was returning to Prague from his mansion by car. After his death, They both died during hiding in a church cellar, when Gestapo had found them. Another consequences were killing of hundreds innocent Czech people. This act has strong reaction abroad.

Memorial of Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik will be placed in a park very close to location of Heydrich’s assassination.

Another shots in Prague streets

It is few days after the shooting on Prague trams and next case is here.

A woman was shot in Prague 5 Smichov into a thigh and man in Prague 9 into a tummy by an air gun. Attacker or attackers aren’t known, maybe it is man about 30 years old.

Police investigate connection between this incident and damaged trains from Thursday.

Water at roads

Water in Bohemia is still slowly rising. There in no good forecast for next days. Rain will be today in Bohemia, tomorrow will move above Moravia.

Capital city of Prague is still at floods level one – the vigilance, but some Prague districts are at level three – the threat. It is one of southern districts – Lipence, which is between junction of Vltava and Beronuka river. Especially Berounka is at higher level – it is five-level.

A road connecting Lipence and the rest of Prague and the republic is one meter under water. Boats and ships has forbidden access on Vltava except Barrandov bridge-Smichov sector. Restaurants at river bank has closed gardens for customers.

Out of Prague water made some damage in Pilsen. A town close to Prague – Cernosice has about five houses with basement full of water, about 25 cottages is under water. Luzice river at Tabor area made a damage in Mirovice: 25 houses was flooded.

Water is decreasing in some regions like Karlovy Vary. Present loss is expected as tens of millions CZK.