Compact archive May 31, 2006

United Islands of Prague

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Musical festival United Islands comes to Prague! 100 bands, 20 countries, 3 islands at Vltava river. This awaits you. United Islands starts 16th June and ends 25th June.

Music bands from Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Poland, USA… will play there. World known as well as unknown bands.

Three islands, three colours, thee music styles.
Green Island – Strelecky island – world, ethno & folk music, 16th-19th June. Music bands like Cechomor, Iarla O’Lionáird, Renato Borghetti, Ethnica or James Harries. Ticket – 750 CZK, one day ticket 650,- CZK

Blue Island – Zofin – jazz, blues & groove, 19th-21st June. Master guitarists Medeski, Martin & Wood; Kyle Eastwood, Dan Barta, 123 min band. Ticket – 750 CZK, one day ticket 650, CZK

Red Island – Branicka louka – rock & all, 22nd-25th June. You cannot miss Placebo (!), J.A.R., Sto zvirat, The Prostitutes, ska Fishbone, Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Tito & Tarantula. Ticket – 850 CZK, one day ticket 750,-.

Ticket combination:
Green & Red combo 950 CZK
Blue & Red combo 950 CZK
Gree+Blue+Red 1 450 CZK
Ticket reservation islands here. One day tickets are sold only at the place.

Official pages with every possible info.


Czech Plasma pencil with many use

Plasma pencil is an invention of Czech scientist of Brno Masaryk university.

This invention is very variable and has many usage, where effects of pencil are changing depending on the temperature of the plasma.
Relatively low temperature can be used for changes of an object surface, allowing effectively absorb water. It can be also used for removing a rust from surface.
High temperatures are great for engraving and carving of a wood or a glaze.
The pencil can also sterilize objects or cut tiles.
Plasma pencil is also tested as an surgical instrument – for example for removing of cancer tumour.

A development of this project cost 10 million crowns and it began in 1996.

Plasma is an ionized gas with unique properties. Plasma appears for example in lightnings or fire and it is 99 per cents of space matter.

President day for kids moved

President day for children planned on 1st June has to be moved to later date. It is because bad weather in Prague.

The entertaining day when kids can met, see and talk with the president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and his wife Livia will be 29th July 2006 from 14.00 (2 PM), hence the President day will not be a part of Children day but a celebration of the end of school year.

Music band Katapult will perform at this day at is was planned. Kids and parents can met with the president in Lumbe’s garden at Prague Castle.

There will be also many competitions and games for children, a presentation of Castle Guard motorcycles, dog training and martial arts exhibition.


Drug dealers has been arrested

A three member gang of Israel drug dealers and importers were arrested yesterday after six month long monitoring. Police operation with codename Merec has a success: 4200 Ecstasy pills, cocaine, marijuana, LSD and 500 000 crowns was found.

The gang provided drugs into Prague clubs and discos. They was main dealers of Ecstasy in Prague after their price-out of a competition. Members of the gang can be arrested at ten years.


Illegal posters in Prague

Mayor capital city of Prague Pavel Bem make complaint to an unknown delinquent for illegal posting posters of the Parties. Posters are a part of election campaign and Pavel Bem wants to reach removing of all posters placed on walls, lamp posts, and many other places. City hall expects that police will solve the problem and police will make consequences for posting people and Parties.

It is next step in fight against illegal posting of Parties. Bem ordered to remove illegal posters of Parties CSSD, SNK-ED, US-DEU and KDU-CSL last week. Only KDU made it. As City hall says most posters has CSSD, biggest rival of ODS, which Pavel Bem is a member.

Legal posting places in Prague are hard to reach – they are too few, expensive and only one company in whole Prague has rights to own and rent them. In fact it is something like advertisement monopole in Prague. That is one reason why so many posters are at forbidden places in Prague. Other interesting note is that illegal posting is for Pavel Bem such a big problem only few days before the elections. Months and months ago thousands illegal posters in whole Prague was no matter to solve until now.