Compact archive June 2, 2006

Police cleaned children playgrounds

Police has special action to clean playgrounds, sport grounds and parks away from injections of drug addiction people.

Police men do this job periodically, but yesterday it was complete action on Whole Prague. It was found 221 injections in surrounding of sport grounds, fortunately nothing was found directly in playgrounds and sand-pits.

In years the number of dropped injections is lowering.


Elections starts today

Voting rooms will be opened this day from 2 PM and voters can decide about leaders of Czech Republic for next four years.

The election to Chamber of Deputies are most important elections of all. Czech Republic has also Senate elections, Region elections, Municipal elections and Elections to Europe Parliament (Europe Union). It is expected that during new government new elections will be created: (straight) President elections. There is also an option of making a referendum, but it was used only once during existence of Czech Republic – a decision to become Czech Republic a part of European Union.

Elect candidates will become members of the Chamber of Deputies and they will decide about a new structure of the government. Czech Chamber of Deputies has 200 seats. Members are voted by comparative representation method. A Party has to have over 5 per cents to become a Parliament Party – to have some member in Parliament.

Voting rooms are open until 10 PM on Friday, on Saturday it will be from 8 AM to 2 PM. Voting results should be known during Saturday evening. Czech Republic laws don’t allow re-counting of votes.


Madonna in Prague

Yes, That’s right, Madonna will perform in Czech Republic for the fist time. It will be in Prague Sazka Arena 6th September 2006.

During her two hours long performance Madonna will change her dress seven times. She present herself as a jockey, a rocker, a disco dancer of the 70’s, or controversially as an Jesus crucified at the large iron cross. The concert is a part of the Confession Tour connected with her last album Confessions On A Dance Floor.

You can buy three types of tickets: Seated tickets at 5 010 CZK and 3 062 CZK, standing tickets at 3 340 CZK.
Selling tickets starts at sales points 16th June, via the Internet from 17th June to 4th September.