Compact archive June 6, 2006

Prague City hall has a new seat

New seat for Prague town council will be in Jungmannova street. The City hall has signed a occupational lease for 20 years in a cost 204,5 millions Czech crowns.

Many parts of city council was in a large numbers of buildings, a majority of fragments will be at one place. Moving will be from 10th August to 20th September, during movement always one half of each office will be functional, so people can use their services as well. The cost of a transport is from 15-25 millions CZK.

The rehousing will offer much comfortable services for citizens and could save 85 millions CZK a year to Prague. Ground floor will be for contact with citizens, higher levels are for offices.

New Royal garden will be renewed and opened

Surroundings of Prague Castle has many gardens which are accessible for visitors for a fee.

The Lagre Fürstenbersk gardens is a part of Poland embassy and tourists can see it from Old Royal Stairs – they just need to look down. These gardens are now under revitalization. The gardens will be separated from the embassy by a wall, the entrance from the stairs will be re-opened and new access will be also made from the below of the garden to Valdstejnska street.

Over 260 years old terrace garden has fountains, a gazebo and beautiful view and it was most beautiful garden in Prague Castle surroundings.

The end of works is expected to autumn 2007 and the opening to spring 2008. Some Prague counsellors want a free entrance into gardens, but the city hall has to decide.


Czech Airlines has almost 500 miliards loss

496 milliards Czech crowns is a loss of CSA from last year. It was expected 521 millions profit.

The trade union says that a principal is management led by Jaroslav Tvrdik, former Minister of the Defence. He was to CSA instituted by CSSD Party during their Government. Interesting is that Ministry of the Defence was led excellently by Tvrdik.

But there is more factors causing a CSA loss. It was extremely fast raising cost of the oil and strong competition. Nevertheless wrong business decisions has a share on the loss too.

New chief manager is Radomir Lasak, who is preparing CSA to privatisation.


Petr Cech is best footbal Czech

Petr Cech (Peter Czech ;-) was voted as a best Czech football player for this year. A winner of The Gold Ball trophy is voted by Czech sport journalists. Petr Cech won this prize last year.

Petr Cech, Czech goalkeeper in the National team in coming World cup is also the best goalkeeper of the world. Petr Cech and the rest members of the team are now preparing to World cup in Germany.

With Gold Ball, there are some other prizes like The Coach of the year or The Red Card. The Red Card was given to Sparta Prague team because Sparta scandal behaviour at the end of the Czech football season.