Compact archive June 8, 2006

Pendolinos will be cheaper in summer

Express train Pendolino, riding from Prague to Ostrava and back will be in summer cheaper. It is because lower number of passengers is expected and therefore the prizes has to be much attracting. The cost of a ride will be by 20 per cent less – 400 CZK instead of 500.

Another attraction is a family ticket with cost 750 CZK for two adults and up to three children. This ticket can be used in summer weekends from the beginning of August.


Childrens day in Thomayer hospital

Thomayer hospital prepared 7th June event for healthy kids of elementary schools and nurseries with a subheading “We are play the doctor.”

This event combined entertaining day with interesting didactic parts. The goal was to combine a fun with such things like a familiarization with hospitals and doctors and to prevent a fear of them.

There was also many competitions for kids like an educational game The Hospital for Teddy-bears, where kids could learn how correctly to bind a teddy. Children can also see an ambulance car or a fire truck and much more.


Street policeman as a hero

Ladislav Fiala was honoured by Badge of Courage by vice mayor of Prague. Fiala is ordinary street municipal policeman, his heroism is an exemplary act.

He caught a thug very shortly after his crime, where he had robbed and stabbed by 25cm (10 inches) long knife a married couple of Vietnam shopkeepers. The policeman chased him in Prague streets and because he is sportsman, he came up him and without any weapon he overwhelmed him.

Four years ago he seized a murder of Austrian tourist.

Let’s hope that Prague has more “ordinary street municipal policemen” such Ladislav Fiala is.