Compact archive June 13, 2006

New Beer of Czech Republic

Contest for best beer was at 10th volume of Slavnost piva (Beer festivities). Higher prize won in category Light Lager Preminum beer Branik. Best Light Tap-room Beer 10% was voted Staropramen.

There was as competitors 47 breweries and 220 beers from Czech republic and Slovakia. Only largest breweries in Czech Republic – Budweiser Budvar and Pilsen Urquell did not compete.


World Naked Bike Ride in Prague

It was on Saturday when small number of Prague bikers joined for the first time to world protest ride. This protest has abroad longer tradition.

Not even ten naked or baldly dressed bikers started their route in Prague Kampa island. Almost everyone of them was coloured at the body or at the face.

This was protest for support of biking in Prague and against raising motorism in the Capitol city. The number of cars is still raising and it will reach the number of Prague citizens soon.

As one of the naked said: “On a bike in Prague? You are vulnerable like to be naked.” Some small transparent has bikers fixed on bikes.

Photos (with all modesty) you can see here.

Prague commented and photographed

Today I bring you some relevant review with more than 35 photos sorted by places. The photos are great and you can see there for example medieval buildings from the Old Town, gardens, statues and of course most common tourist attractions like Prague Castle or Charles Bridge.

Time passes real fast…till i didn’t realize I have actually procrastinated my Prague holiday post for a month now. wow….another blink of eyes, I will be writing from Malaysia.
“If you are going to Europe, you must visit Prague.”...Someone once told me. “Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe.”...Another person told me…And there I was spending my 3 days in ‘the heart of Europe’.

The article is here.

Mass tickets at Prague Castle ends

Prague Castle cancelled emission of tickets for groups. This step was made as an reaction for cheating of tourist group guides. Some of guides smuggled into monuments of the Castle more tourists than they payed for.

Prague Castle Administration made this decision after the research of the problem. This will have no effect on the cost of the tickets because there was no mass discount. The solution of the cheating is simple: each tourist will have it’s own ticket. This have two sides.

The first is that every one will have a ticket as a souvenir and the Castle will have no problem with cheaters. Some attractions will be able to regulate the limited number of visitors in same time which is important because of the protection of monuments.

The second is that it will take some time to mark all tickets for each member of a group. Guides also object that it will slow selling and printing of the tickets in box offices. PCA says that this problem in only a matter of guide readiness, because they can book tickets by the Internet or by the telephone.

The real effect will show the time.

Third of Prague drivers is breaking the law

More than one third drivers is breaking the law in Prague. Friday police action has shown that most frequent is an exceeding of maximum speed. It was in 500 cases in 2000 controlled cars. Police levied 160 000 Czech crowns in fines during one day.

This action shows that new driving law entering into force at 1st July is good choice and it will be very helpful. An every breaking of traffic regulations will cost much more crowns than now and driver will get some number of penalty points depending on relevance of the breaking. When number will reach twelve, a driver will lose his driving licence for a year and he will have to pass a driving school once again.

In some cases, each driver can lose driving licence even immediately at a place.

This law will be applied to foreigner driver as well. Foreigner driver will pay same cost, when he will have not enough money the police can ban him further driving until the pay of a fee. Police will also record negative points of foreigner driver and it can forbid him entering into country by car or further driving in the republic.

These negative points will decrease by four if the driver would drive 365 days without any breaking of the driving law.