Compact archive June 14, 2006

Prague Museum Night

This weekend it will be for third time, when Prague can enjoy Prague Museum Night. This unique project offers every year for one Saturday night unique chance to see Prague museums in extraordinary time: from 7 PM to midnight or even 1 AM.

The number of joined museums and institutions is still growing, this year it is 21 institutions in 43 objects.

Museum Night is special in some other aspects: Admission is at many places free or at symbolic cost- 1 CZK or 10 CZK. There will be many supporting actions (like fencing, concerts, puppet theatre etc.) and the transport among Prague museums will be supported by seven special bus lines. All of them has a central meeting point at Staromestska bus station.

This night can be very interesting in one other thing: Weather forecast says, that it will be a great warm night

Czech Republic has dangerous railways

Statistics of Europe Union says that Czechs have most dangerous railways in EU. This fact was found in compare of dead people because of train. Suicide wasn’t counted.

Though there is almost no danger for passengers. CZ has one of best statistics in this case. Much bigger problem is a railway crossing. We are at second place of EU, after Poland.

It is caused by many factors, one of them is that crossing at local small tracks is not protected by gates or even warning lights. Still there is an order that every train has to blow every time when approaches to a tunnel, a bend, when leaves or enters station and of course when approaches to railway cross.

So it seems that biggest problem is an irresponsibility of drivers and pedestrians, who even avoid fall-gates or they ride too fast at train and they don’t slow down to ordered 30 km/h.


Czech stock market still decreasing

It is month from the beginning of decreasing of Stock market. It started to decrease shortly after same reaction in another regions and countries, but it seems that this tendency don’t want to stop in Czech Republic.

Czech Index PX is at last year level. CEZ, Unipetrol, Zentiva and Orco lost more than five per cents. The loss of Czech share market is 20 per cents this year.

Analyst says that it is a little bit panic reaction and some traders can profit on it.

To be blind in Prague

Can you imagine what it is that you are blind or at wheel chair and you want to move in Prague?

Action called Jiny svet (Another world) shows it personally today at Prague namesti Miru (Miru square) in front of church of St Ludmila. Interested people can try get though simulator road blindfold with a staff for blind or by a wheelchair.

This will also show problems with entering and leaving a bus or a train or how cam be difficult to get to an office without barrier-free access.

Pilotless aircraft as an air probe

Brno University of Defence are developed a pilotless aircraft for scanning of the ground.

The plane is a big model of a plane, remotely controlled at a distance one kilometer. The plane is able to reach 500 meters of altitude. The plane can scan 25 square kilometers at one time. The selected data ai downloaded into ground computers.

The plane can be used for monitoring during floods, controlling of a traffic, guarding the state borders or for observation of a radiating level in a country.

The pilotless aircraft could replace helicopters with a crew and scan the ground instead of them.

Red Bull Air Show in Prague

Red Bull Air show will be this year in Prague for the second time. This crazy event from Vienna become very popular in every corner of the world and it was only a question of time when it will arrive in Czech lands.

For the an audience it is very fun competition, because a such fun exhibition cannot be seen nowhere else. Visitors can saw a flying dinosaur, a shark skeleton, a pig or giant dragonfly last year.

Red Bull Air Show is everything but usual and boring. Prague river become a landing site for 32 bizarre flying machines. Criteria are simple: machine cannot be heavier than 200 kg, maximum length is 10 meters, width 6 meters and as a propulsion can be used only manpower. It will be judged an originality, a style of flight (most important are reactions of an audience), and reached distance.

The show is 25th June and it starting at 1 PM a Strelecky island near National Theatre. Admission free and tribunes are build at pontoons and at the island.