Compact archive June 15, 2006

Czech transport news

Fast train Pendollino’s what rides at Prague-Ostrava line has a quarter of a million passengers in six months. This is income about 100 millions crowns.
Although is engaged only a half of a train, Czech Railways says that Pendollinos are for them economically successful. The average cost for one ticket is about 400 crowns.

Heavy trucks will pay a toll at first class roads a half year later than it was planned. It is because the company Capsch who will install electronic toll system has a less time than it was planned. The toll at highways will start at January 2007, at 1st class road 30th June 2006 at least.


Photos of Prague old cars

I know that old cars are in whole world, but Czech cars are mostly from communist era, so they are a little bit unique.

This is what an un-stretched Trabant looks like. This car was apparently abandoned on a side street – a fate which seems to befall many older cars in Prague. Nobody wants dodgy old Skodas, Trabbies, or Ladas, when it’s so easy to trade up to a nice Volkswagen Golf or similar.

So if you want to see cars for you maybe unusual, there you can watch them.

New glue for surgeons

Can you imagine that glue will replace surgeon thread?
Well, Czech scientists have an idea. The key will be an substance called chitosan.

The glue will work as a thread, but one of advantages it that the glue easily decompose in body without any problems.
Chitosan can be used as a carrier of healing substances. Again, chitosan will decompose without side effects.

Chitosan can be used also as a product against liposis.
Some companies want to use chitosan in colouring of fabric.

A research of chitosan is at many labs in the world. The substance it mostly produced from shells of crustaceans and this doesn’t make a production cheap. Czech scientist also found new source of the raw material. And best is that is used waste material in some productions – a fungus. This source makes the cost of chitosin production lower by a half.

Watch out, woman pickpockets about!

Statistics about criminality in Prague says that pickpockets are mostly women. It is about 90 per cents! The rest of criminality is mostly “man job”. Pickpockets are mostly foreigners.

Women caused 54 out of 687 all crimes in Prague. Many robberies women do because of need of money for drugs. There is raising number of heist of cars made by women. It is lighter way how to have a money than prostitution.

Large number of count in case disorderliness and is also caused by women. Serious offence is among women unusual, but three murders out of ten was caused by women last year in Prague. It is almost never premeditated.