Compact archive June 16, 2006

Still hot Prague

Street sprinkler trucks are in the street. If the temperature reach 25C degrees three sequential days sprinkler start their work. They journey starts in 12 AM and 4 PM every day. The cost of sprinkling is 160 thousands CZK a day.

If the weather is too hot for you you can use services of one of Prague open air pools. They are in many parts of Prague. Here I bring you a list of them with nearest transport stop:

Cakovice, Prague 9, Ke Stadionu station
Divoka Sarka, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Dzban, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Seberak, Prague 4, Šeberák Station
Motol, Prague 5, Motol station
Hostivar, Prague 10, Nadraží Hostivař tram end station
Podoli, Prague 4, Kublov station
Yellow Spa, Prague 4, Dvorce station.


Prague St.Vitus Cathedral belong to the Church

Court of appeal confirmed that the St. Vitus cathedral, biggest religion building In Czech Republic, is a property of catholic Church.

The court said that the cathedral was still property of the church during communism so it cannot belong to the republic. The Church has more objects at Prague Castle like Chapel of All Saints or St. George’s Basilica.

Emperor Charles IV started with building of the cathedral, shortly after the owner of the cathedral became cathedral itself. This status endured to 20th century.


In Prague is a such heat...

... that the world famous Astronomical Clock was stopped. It was yesterday afternoon, between 2 and 3 PM.

Fortunately it was not a big problem. The heat 30°C / 88°F caused that wheels in this medieval mechanism stretched and wheels stopped. So the visitors didn’t saw a traditional every-hour march of the Saints.

The technician who keeps the clock had to readjust the mechanism, so the clock operates normally now. Next resetting will be perhaps in the autumn.

There I bring weather forecast report


Car accident in Prague center

It was nine PM yesterday when the fire brigade car collide with a tram. Fire brigade was heading to fire of a house, when the car turned to Jecna street and hit the tram.

The collision was not so bad, but it stroke out the car and hit two pedestrians walking on a sidewalk. It was two young tourists from Albania. The man had suffered multiple injuries and he is at breathing apparatus now. The women legs was amputated.

The man is in Motol hospital, the woman is in Vinohrady hospital. Four fire men was injured only lightly. Circumstances of the accident are inquired.