Compact archive June 19, 2006

Medics are saving tens of people because of a heat

Prague doctors, fist aid cars and medics has a lot of work to do. High temperatures could be very dangerous. Most of patients has a problems with breathing or became unconsciousness during this weekend.

Most problems have small children, old people, cardiac patients and asthmatics. They shouldn’t haze themselves or make too big physic activity.

There is an easy cure how to prevent problems for all. To drink enough liquids. It is recommended to drink about 2,5-3 litres. People should also wear a headgear in a direct sun. In all cases the emergency call is 112.


Microbuses are suggested in Prague centre

A study of use of minibuses was made in last moths. This has a positive results: little buses in Prague centre with short traces and with ecological propulsion will be very attractive.

This would be most useful for citizens of inner Prague, the tourists don’t appreciate this as much as them.

Expected cost is 400-450 millions CZK, the first line will cost about 70 millions. Total number of lines is five.


Rays what sees more than X-Rays

Young Czech scientist Filip Kadlec was awarded of a Prize of Academy of Science for Young Scientists for his research. He research so called Terahertz rays. It is between infrared-rays and micro-waves and their use seems to be important.

Terahertz waves are very precise. It can be used in a medicine. For example it can found a caries very fast, long before any other method. The rays can also recognize a cancer cells and normal cells.

But the rays can be used in any case where is required to a precise status of hidden or unreachable thing. So it can found a content of a envelope, for example if it not contains a powder with anthrax or it is a simple flour.
It can found a miniature fissures so it can be used as a check of space shuttles. This Terahertz rays allows to read closed book or it would be used for finding drugs or bombs.

Real Prague underground

By word “underground” I don’t mean metro now. The underground tunnels and rooms in Prague are not as unusual as you can think.

There is many tunnels and passages, most of them is still unexplored and some are not even found. Some tunnels are found by a luck. Tunnel at Strahov was found when an excavator fall in a tunnel.

The origin of tunnels is various. It can be an old sewer system, a water conduit or the rest of the mines. Tunnels are explored and prepared for visitors. Tunnels are prepared in a length 100 meters, another 300 meters should be prepared for visitors in next three years. It is under Prague-Prosek.

Many of underground objects can be visited right now. It is for example Old Town City hall. Or interesting is to visit Vysehrad casemate, the tunnels made in purpose of military sheltered transport of soldiers during 30-years war. Or Prague Castle offers a chance to visit underground rooms of a Roman style.

Still be biggest problem, why so many tunnels are not yeat prepared for visitors is simple: money.

Wallenstein Garden full of music

Wallenstein Garden as a part of Prague Castle become a site where concerts can be heard. You can hear one of child choirs or music bands or orchestras every Thursday. It is a part of celebration of 10th Czech Senate anniversary.

You can also visit a concerts of jazz, swing and classical music in three Sundays during summer. The end of concerts will be 23rd September ended by celebration of Czech Statehood Day.