Compact archive June 20, 2006

Dancing house has ten years

Very popular Dancing house at Rasinovo riverside is ten years old. This building with a shape of pair of dancers mostly accepted, but there are many who refuse it.

Dancing house was built in a hole instead of an building destroyed by American bomb during World War II. For fifty years the space was empty and now there is a building what is very popular and photogenic.

The building is also called Ginger and Fred, named after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, world famous dancers.

It is easy to announce a pickpocket in Prague

It is nothing great to be robbed. The worse in foreign country. But now it is easy to solve the problem or more precisely to report the crime at police station.

As a new, the police station is equipped with a form, where a victim of a small crime fill all information. It will prevent to wait and long discuss with a policeman to describe him for example pickpocket.

Old train tunnel will be used for bikers

The old tunnel under Vitkov hill in Prague is ending it’s history as a tunnel for trains. Two new was cut about month ago and now they are prepared for the operation.

There was suggestion that the old one will be walled up, but the new idea comes and the investor of tunnels offered new purpose. The tunnel will be used as a connection between two sides of a hill for bikes as a part of bike track. The tunnel will lost tramlines and it will be equipped with lights.

New tunnel should be prepared in 2008, the old one maybe in a same time.


A "hunt" for raccoon

A raccoon was found at high poplar tree yesterday in Prague – Cerny most by police. It looked that this small beast of prey what lives in America couldn’t get down.

So the policemen called fire men and the full equipped car with eleven men at board came. Firemen fried to reach to raccoon by 30 meters high ladder, but the raccoon got frightened and escaped higher. So the firemen had to pull the ladder down, move the car and pull the ladder up again.

During this action the animal mostly know for it’s habit of cleaning every food in water, was ensured by jumping sheet. Meanwhile the raccoon decided to leave the tree and got down and escaped into near bush where firemen lost him.

It is expected that the animal escaped to some breeder. The raccoon as a chance to survive at free, because it can eat everything.


Heavy storm in Prague

After the hot day it came hard rain. Yesterday evening brought strong rain to Prague and caused damage at some places.

Some cellars was floated and under-crossings in Prague has a same problem. The under-crossing in Chlumecka street became a large pond where a driver stuck with his delivery truck. Two trams with passengers stuck in Tesnov tunnel in high water. Some streets had a new lakes.

There was also a problem in metro station Mustek because the water fall so fast (as at many places) that it reach escalators and they was stopped because of electricity. Despite of this the most damage was caused by fallen trees. They damaged some cars and buildings.

And some rarity: A man near Sokolov town went away from water and was hit by a lightning and he survived! He is now in a hospital with some problems, but he is conscious.