Compact archive June 21, 2006

Prague will have a lot of detours

Summer is traditional time, when many of Prague people leave the city and travels to holiday. Prague traffic is much less and this is best time to start do street works.

Prague will have 37 large street work sites this summer. Some of them will take a whole two months or even more. Most of them is in Prague centre, but there is no danger that tourist will not be able to visit all most known monuments.

Prague will also use summer time for some repairs and restoration of some building and places, like Petrin funicular, what is closed until September.


Lego factory in Czech Republic

World famous Lego sets will be produced in Czech Republic. The Lego Company who made tons of Lego bricks wants to save money and moves the production out of Denmark, the homeland of Lego.

Whole one third of Lego production will be in Czech Republic, the rest is made in Mexico. Czech Lego factory already exists, now it will have a bigger production.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival

The Summer Shakespeare Festival starts in Prague tenth year. This very popular theatre festival presents some dramas by biggest world author William Shakespeare. Festival is in Prague, Brno and Bratislava (Slovakia) at open scene under sky. Prague offers as a properties Prague castle.

The festival begin in Prague today and ends 10th September.
Every performance is at Supreme Burgrave’s courtyard at 8.30 pm.
You can see four Shakespeare’s dramas: Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night and As You Like It.

The Summer Shakespeare Festival is granted by President of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.

English pages of the festival are here.
Here you can order tickets.

Two people died in Prague beacuse of heat

High temperatures killed two people yesterday.

Fifty-one years old worker died at building site at 1 pm in Na Micankach street. As doctors said, he collapsed and they didn’t succeed to resuscitate him, even they arrived in one minute. He died of an embolism.

Sixty-four years old driver died in Tiskarska street shortly before 4pm. He died while he was driving and then the car went out of a road.

Temperatures are at 31°C / 87.8°F and it looks that it will last until Monday. There is a weather forecast. But this is not a record temperature. Prague has 34,6°C four years ago.

About 60 people collapsed on Monday, and it is expected a raising by ten a day.


Madonna perform in Prague twice

Madonna’s concert in Prague is so popular that tickets are gone. So the pop queen decidet to make another concert.

It will be 7th September, a day after the sold out concert. Tickects are avilable at any Sazka terminal, that mean in whole republic at many filling stations an tobacco shops. The tickets are available at 1.15 AM! on Friday.