Compact archive June 22, 2006

Bears returned to Czech Republic

After many years bears returned to Czech lands. They have returned from Slovakia. They have settled in Moravia Beskydy mountains.

The group of bears now have five pieces. Most important step to final resettling is a born of new bears. Bears are in Czech Republic and Slovakia highly protected. If a bear will cause some damage, e.g. it kill some sheep, the shepherd will get the money back from the state. Last year they caused damage in cost 200 000 Czech crowns.

Tapir baby in Prague zoo

A pair of tapirs has a baby. But it looks that most happy is the zoo, because it is first young of tapir born in Prague zoo.

Mother cares about her first-born. It is a he, he drinks a lot and puts on weight. Now he has nine kilograms. Visitors can see him in water world pavilion.

The small tapir is feeding on mothers milk, after few months he can eat water melons or sugar cane. Tapirs has an origin in South America.


Great brass band festival in Sazka Arena

Do you know brass music? This kind of music is called “music of our grandmothers” in Czech Republic. And this will have a concert 7th October in Prague Sazka Arena.

Brass music and brass bands was very popular. It is a part of Czech culture and still it is very popular among old people and at the countryside. Most known music is Polka. Polka, Polka and waltz. Most known is “Skoda lasky” by Czech Vladimir Vejvoda. English version is know as Beer Barrel Polka.

16 most popular brass bands will perform 7th October. There will be also best band Moravanka. An audience can also see hundreds of majorettes. The Brass music and majorettes are wedded, because both of them has an origin in the march music.


Czech Republic has 13 thousand dollar millionaires

13 100 is the number of dollar millionaires in Czech Republic. This is higher number than in 2004 by 10,6 per cents.

The number is also higher than in another countries thanks to good exchange rate for Czech crown. The number was higher than in Europe, Canada or USA.

There are some criteria saying who is branded as a Czech. it must be a man who has a permanent residence in Czech Republic or with open bank account. Their wealth is counted as fiscal assets without realty, where the millionaire lives.

Wealthiest Czech is Petr Kellner with belongings three milliards dollars.

Police control at night Prague arterial

Police focused the drivers riding through Prague in late night hours.
Dozens of policemen was prepared for control of drivers at Prague arterial in very centre – near Main Railway Station.

Police reduced the road to one lane at both sides and stopped every car between 11 pm to 3 am. 400 drivers was checked all of them had to show the papers and registration book, everyone was checked for an alcohol consumption.

25 drivers was under influence of an alcohol and police have found another 45 penal offences. Total cost of penalties was 20 000 crowns.

Police controls will be very often as it is in these days. It is about 600 controls in Prague for a year. The police is also preparing for new law at Czech roads, staring 1st July.