Compact archive June 23, 2006

The end of football dream at Old Town Square

Old Town Square was a witness of a great sorrow yesterday. Czech national team lost the match with Italy and his campaign for championship disappeared. No there will be no huge number of fans supporting our team.

World championship is in Germany, but Prague lived for football too. Now it is clear that interest about things connected with football are much less interesting for Czech people. Old town square offered huge screens where thousands fans saw matches of Czech team. Other places like Wenceslas square or Andel boulevard has games and events connected with football too.

Early end of Czech team also have a negative effect at betting and owners of restaurants expect smaller number of visitors too.

Prague police arrested international drug dealers

Police action with codename Bach has succeeded. Police arrested two members of international drug dealing group, the rest of the group was arrested by German police-men.

Members of the group has Italian, Poland, Netherlands, Macedonian and Albanian nationality. Two arrested members of the group in Prague has Albanian nationality, one of them has Macedonian citizenship the other was citizen of the Netherlands.

750 grams of heroin was found in Prague. Police in Germany also has found 2.1 kilograms of cocaine. This is enough for 10 500 doses.


Number of car crashes is raising

Number of car accidents during first five months is higher than it was last year. 84 385 car accidents were in five months. This is for 4527 more than last year. This is third highest number from year 1990.

On the other hand, the number of dead people at roads is lowest in fifteen years. 343 people died in first five months.

The lowering of accidents and death is expected after new traffic rules. This makes harder punishment and allows to policemen confiscate driving licence.


Tickets to Madonna concert are gone

“Madonna have two concerts”: in Prague- 6th and 7th September. Tickets to the first concert was gone after little more than an hour, although the selling started at 1am.

The second emission of tickets to second concert has almost same course. Half of them was sold after fifteen minutes, the last ticket was sold at 2.51 am.

Now there is only a chance to get ticket if someone would not buy booked ticket.


Science in Prague streets

An original exhibition in Prague centre this Friday and Saturday shows many interesting things from the science and the engineering. This project is called Science in Streets.

You can visit seven places in Prague centre where you can see and try technical and find out some research of Czech scientists.

Jana Palacha square, behind Old Town Square is focused on automobiles. There you can see Cadillac’s, motorcycles Jawa or even formula 3000 car. There is also a simulator of a car impact.

V Celnici-near Namesti Republiky (republiky square) street you can measure pH of liquids, what you bring, see a car with alternative fuel or you can made here your own earthquake.

There is much more to see at another places.
It is at Masarykovo station, Cerna ruze (Black Rose) passage, Miru square, Jiriho z Podebrad square and the vestibule of Muzeum metro station. Exhibition is opened this day until 6 pm, on Saturday it is between 9 am and 5 pm.