Compact archive June 28, 2006

At Vltava river

Do you want to see Charles Bridge or National theatre from different perspective? Or do you search for refreshment? Than try a boat at Vltava river.

You can rent a boat at four places: U Kotvy, Zofin island, GO Zlute lazne (Yellow spa), Podoli Prague 4, Club Lavka, Novotneho lavka Pragu 1, Rent-house S.P.L A.V., Zofin island.

You can also rent a dory (small boat with a motor) at Cisarska louka island as well at Go Yellow spa. You don’t need any licence to drive. The speed is up to 35 km/h.

If you want something more comfort than you can try a steamboat. You can try Troja or Rasinovo riverside between Palackeho and train bridge.

You can also find at some docked ships and boats a restaurant or a theatre.

Trip to Karlstejn Castle

This is an article describing a trip to Karlstejn Castle, maybe the second most famous castle in Czech Republic, after Prague Castle. It’s importance was big during medieval.

The author takes some photos, drew some sketches and wrote some info.

The second day was dedicated to Karlštejn castle , which is situated in the Central Bohemia cca 40 kilometers from Prague.This High Gothic castle (founded in 1348) is the most visited and the most famous castle of the Czech Republic. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially Charles’s collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire.

Whole article is here


How is Prague loud?

Prague is a top city in Czech Republic in a level of the noise. Summer, a tourism, a transport or even historical cobblestones causes loud and unwelcome noise.

Summer raises the noise, because many restaurant has open windows and loud conversation, creaking of tables and chairs, tinkling of glass or music and TV sounds are nothing great for people living in surrounding.

Tourism with thousands of tourists maybe bring money, but people living in Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square or at Royal Road and Lesser Town are not very happy.

But transport leads. Cars, trams and planes near Ruzyne airport makes hard live for citizens. Many things are made now for better living. New runway should lower the number of planes flying across the city, trams riding at rails covered in green makes smaller noise and Prague outer circuit with replacing cobblestones for quiet pitch will cause a lower level of decibels.

Anti noise screens with better windows should help too.


Birthday in Prague zoo

35th birthday was celebrated in Prague zoo. And who was honoured person? The orangutan Kama, an ape male. He was the first orangutan born in Prague zoo.

Director of the zoo Petr Fejk was at birthday party too as well as former director Zdenek Veselovsky, who was a friend of the orangutan many years.

Professor Veselovsky became Kama’s family shortly after ape’s birth, because his mother died soon after his birth because of heart disease. Kama was fed by human milk from maternity hospitals. When he was little older Mr. Veselovsky or a nurse Bozena Gottfriedova perambulate him. As a father Kama has two children.

You can see Kama and his family in Pavilion Indonesian jungle or in adjacent outer exposition.