Compact archive July 3, 2006

Baseball week in Prague

25th volume of Prague baseball week ended and with no doubts Americans are best players. New England Stars won with a clean shield and final match was against France, where Stars won 9:3.

New England has also Most useful player and Best batman (John Kubachka), most home runs has Dan Trubia.
Czechs won only in one match – against Slovakia 11:0. Czechs are at 7th place.

Prague softball week of women won players of USA Athletes, unless they loss in last match with Players from Prague-Krc. Second place has Czech All Stars.

Results of new road law

Today it is fourth day of a new law at Czech roads. It is much harder than old one and there are some results.

First weekend of summer holidays is traditionally one of the fullest parts of a year in a traffic. Many people end their lives at roads during this three days. But this weekend brought the smallest number of dead people during first summer holiday weekend in 18 years. Six dead people is this result, last year it was 15. Friday traffic still has old rules, 4 people died in this day.

Police continues in controls from last week. But now the municipal police can control drivers too. The law is hard and strict. The driver payed in Pilsen 2000 crowns and lost 2 points from 12. He rode 58 km/h in a town, where is a maximum speed 50 km/h.

The man in Opava drove a car drunken. He lost 7 points and police ban him further ride. He could lost his driving licence for from half to one year and pay between 25 000 and 50 000 crowns.

Even a policeman payed a penalty. He drove off duty, but without lit lights. He payed 200 crowns and he lost 1 point.


A blast in Hvezda park

Saturday afternoon was a witness of a explosion in park Hvezda in Prague 6. Someone tested an explosive near park wall. No one was harmed.

The explosive made a half meter wide crater in the wall, the stonework and the concrete coat were out ouf the wall. Stones was in a range of tens of meters. The Police and pyrotechnicians has started the investigation, many clues were found.

It is not certain that the type of the explosive the pyrotechnics found.