Compact archive July 10, 2006

Czech National library competition has a great success

16th May was a day, when Czech National Library started a competition for best design and realization of a new National Library building. The competition is international, each authorized architect or designer must propose his presentation in English and a competition is anonymous. It was expected that three hundred architects would compete at least.

But the number is much bigger. It is 760 project 6th July. The closing date was planned at the beginning of October, but it a registering ended two weeks ago. 70 per cents of projects is from Europe, 13 per cents is from Asia and also from America. Some project also arrived from Africa and Australia.

First round will be decided at the end of October. The head of a jury is reputable British architect Zahou Zihad. Second round will contain eight best projects. The winner will be ceremonially announced 3th March 2007.

Read more about the winner of the competition.

Self check-in counters at Ruzyne airport

Ruzyne airport now can speed up check-in and thus offers shorter time spend at airport. The airport now has seven self check-in counters, where passengers can print a boarding pass and baggage tags.

This new step to fluent way through airport is now possible for passengers of British Airways and Swiss Air Lines. KLM and CSA will be next in a middle of August.

Self check-in counters follows another simplification: the Internet check-in. This is possible for Air France, KLM, British Airways, Swiss Air Lines and Easy Jet. You can select a seat in a plane and to buy ant to print an air-ticket.

More about self check-in counters is at Airport Prague pages.


Too many traffic signs

It is said that Prague has bigger number of traffic signs in the world. This unwelcomed marks will maybe disappear in Capitol city as well as in whole Czech Republic.

Police president Vladislav Husak now starts operation called Clean Roads. It’s goal is to remove all useless traffic sings at Czech roads. As drivers, professionals and policemen say, many of signs has no reason to be placed at roads and causes only problems and an anger to drivers.

The police will now suggest a removing of signs to municipalities what can cancel them. The operation will maybe end with the end of summer


New metro trains at B line

Prague metro now has a lesser number of old trains. B (yellow) line now replaces old Russian trains for modernised.

C line is equipped only with new and modern M1 train set, A line has modernised 81-71M trains and B line had only old Russian 81-71 train sets. Now you can also travel with 81-71M.

The number of them is slowly raising. The biggest problem is with safety device at trains allowing safe ride of a train and also safe entering and leaving a train. This device is necessary at new and modernized trains, but it has a problems with proper function at B line. Now the new B-line trains has a portable device as a temporary action.