Compact archive July 11, 2006

More train stops in Prague

Prague wants more stops and stations for trains. Now it has more than forty stops, it is planned to build another nine and reach number of fifty. This could be in ten years.

Planned stations are Rajska zahrada, Podbaba, Liboc, Exhibition Grounds in Holesovice, Bechovice central, Karlin, Zahradni Mesto, Slavia or renewed Vysehrad station. First will be Rajska Zahrada. This station could be functional next year.

As vice mayor of Prague says, Prague could make some investments for train stations in Prague, but most important is now finishing of Prague inner and outer circuit. New train stations should help to lighten another forms of traffic, most welcomed is transport by car of course.


Sheeps and goats helps to botanic gardens

It can be hard to imagine but goats and sheeps helps to botanical garden. And the way of this help is even stranger: they eat garth at Prague protected area in Troja quarter.

The care about steppe phytocoenose is made by grazing. This is much better than grass-cutter. Goats and sheeps “works” in worse accessible places, they eat heath and self-seeding shrubs, old grass and even their move breaks the surface.

The flock will move from surroundings of unique greenhouse Fata Morgana 17th July to Podhori and their work ends 20 July.

American medics in Prague hospitals

120 students from 21 Schools of Medicine from USA, Canada, Australia and some other countries are now at trainee-ship in Prague hospitals.

The trainee-ship is funded by chief of Health Centre at Narodni street Martin Jan Stransky who was born and studied in USA. He says that it is important to show medicine in Czech Republic to western students.

He want to show them differences in American and Czech health care and that most of things depends on society. Czech attitude to patients is different as well as attitude and financial appreciation of society to doctors.

There also differences in the budget. Europe cares about their patients and health insurance is guaranteed by a state in contrast to USA. Next interesting thing for medics is that same medical services in Czech Republic costs only a tenth of service in USA.

Hostel... again

Hostel, a bloodbath horror, a blockbuster in USA cinemas will have a sequel. The story about horrific experiences of three friends in Bratislava, capitol of Slovakia will be shoot in Czech Republic again.

First movie, what with small budget earn tens of millions, was for older 18 and it had a subtitle “Try not to vomit” in Europe cinemas. The sequel should be more bloodier than the first movie.

As a first movie Hostel 2 would be shot in Prague, Cesky Krumlov and also in Carlsbad. The director and writer is Eli Roth from USA, cast will be from USA and Czech Republic, most of the crew are from Czech Republic and some songs in the movie will be from Czech interprets as it was in the first movie.