Compact archive July 12, 2006

A remedy for people infected by AIDS

American pharmacist companies will fund Czech research lead by Antonin Holy who developed a cure for patients with AIDS.

Gilead company will give 1,1 millions dollars every year to science institute, where Holy works. 200 000 dollars from this amount is specially for Holy’s research. His last medicine is called Viread, before that he developed Vistide and also cure for chronic Hepatitis B type.

Still there is a small funding from Czech state to science, but some money comes from grants and benefits. Last year it was 166 millions crowns.

The average cost of developing new medicament is about a half milliards dollars.

National museum falls

National museum in Prague is in desolate state and today it museum shown. A piece of sculpture decoration fell right in front of entrance into the building. This act is a great example of museum problems. Luckily no one was harmed.

The museum will be closed until Thursday afternoon at least. National museum need general repair for a years. This terrible status is caused by a past and a present. Nazi used a museum as a target in lat days of World War II as well as Soviets in year 1968. Today the museum is in pliers of two parts of Prague artery and continual vibrations with a smog is certain building killer.

Expected repair cost is 4,5 billions CZK and museum hasn’t got this money of course. A museum administration present this horrible condition in exposition showing fallen part of museum. It is undignified behaviour to one of our most important national monuments. It is expected that National Assembly building where Radio Free Europe yet will be for some moths become a property of National museum.


Expensive collection of guitars has been stolen

An expensive collections of electric guitars was stolen in Prague from music shop. George Dennis company lost eleven guitars in total cost five millions crowns (200,000$).

The guitars are mostly brand Fender Stratocaster, one of them is bass guitar Fender Precission Bass. The guitars were made between years 1957 and 2003, among them are two Eric Clapton type and one Jimi Hendrix type.

At this site you can see photos of some guitars. The owner appreciates any information about them. His cell number is 602204868.

Prague as a place for congresses

Congresses and conferences are very popular and Prague can offer many places where this meetings can happen. Statistics says that a number of accommodation facilities offering service of creating a conference is raising. It is for 40 percent more than in 2004.

Though the number of conferences is still same and count of large congresses is even lower. Forty-seven conferences was in Prague last year, in year 2004 it was 38. A half of five-star hotels in Prague can offer service for conference, the number of four-star hotels offering the same is one fifth.

The largest and as a favourite is Prague Congress Centre. Last year offered their service for 110 000 people.


Pictures of Prague

Here I bring you another photo gallery dedicated to Prague. You can see almost a hundred pictures from places like Charles and Cechuv bridge, Prague Castle, Ball Game Court, St Vitus’s Cathedral or Lennon Wall.

We booked a 4 night break in Prague through Last Minute and found Prague a great city. Everywhere you turn there are impressive buildings. Every corner you turn there is something to make you stop and think. And the beer is cheap as well

The gallery is here.

Biggest ska festival in Europe

Biggest ska festival in Europe named Mighty Sounds now has a second year. This event is in Olsi u Tabore between 14th and 16th July.

Mighty sounds are not only about ska, but about punk, reggae, drum & bass and more too. There will be more than hundred bands and DJ’s from whole world. From Czech bands you can hear 2v1, Fast Food orchestra, Sto zvirat, Vokokos or Slovakia Polemic.

You can also hear there stars from another countries like Hotknives from United Kingdom, Panteón Rococó from Mexico, or Mark Foggo’s Skaters. As a best part you can see and hear legendary The Toasters from USA.


Art Nouveau gallery

Today is opening of a new exhibition showing Czech Art Nouveau. It is in Gallery U Betlémské kaple (At the Bethlehem Chapel) at Betlemske square in Prague Old Town.

Gallery presents over one hundred of original paintings by Alfons Mucha, Ludvik Kuba, Vojtech Preissig and Max Svabinsky. Most of paintings is by Alfons Mucha, who painted lithographic posters for actress Sarah Bernard in Paris theatre. Most of Mucha paintings shows her costumes and jewels. Other als shows Mucha colletions Daytimes, the Seasons or Flowers.

The exhibition is oped daily from 10 am to 6 p.m.


New device against floods - 16 pumps

Prague now can fight with floods more effectively. Sixteen pumps in total cost 19 millions Czech crowns are now prepared for use. Two of them was tested yesterday.

Four of them can pump over 200 litres of water in second, the rest 100 litres. The pumps are for pumping waste water from blocked areas into Vltava. It is because precautions are not only sand walls or barriers. The canalization has to be closed, because water can easily get to protected places through them.

Biggest part of cost was payed by Prague, the rest of money was from Europe union Structural funds and the state budget.