Compact archive July 18, 2006

Suzanne Vega in State Opera

American folk-rock singer Suzanne Vega will perform in Prague State Opera tomorrow. She was in Prague in 2003, when she played in Congress Centre.

This time she choose a historical building. She perform voluntary with an accompaniment of Michael Viscegli.

The concert begin in 8 pm. Tickets are available in prizes 1650, 1250, 880 a 100 Czech crowns. You can order them in Ticketpro here.


Summer festival of classical music

As a part of “Mozart year” you can visit in Prague the festival of classical music. It is a Tones of Classical Music and you can visit it in Prague Chodovska vodni tvrz (Chodov Water Fortress).

Summer concerts at courtyard of the historical building the now for third times. The festival starts today and it brings you eleven concerts to 17th August, when festival ends. A courtyard of the fortress is covered so concerts will be all weather.

Lead artist is in all concerts excellent virtuoso Jaroslav Sveceny playing the violin.

Chodov fortress is in district Prague 11 – Chodov at the south of the Prague. It is easy to see it. All information, the way how to get there and ticket reservation is here.


Fairy Tales Sound through Prague Ruzyne Airport

Not only children but all fairy-tales fans could escape the boredom of waiting at the airport into their beloved magical world. Prague Ruzyne prepared for them something special on Monday 17 July.

“Fairy Tales before Take off” travels just like their audience of sky-riders from one airport to another. Brussels was the first out of the seven airports participating in the fairy-tale marathon succeeded by Prague. Afterwards the fairy tales will also sound in Budapest, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Fairy tales were told by professional artists from different countries in their native languages. The Czech Republic and culture was represented by Michal Nesvadba and Little Red Riding Hood. Given the dissimilarity between the individual languages the listeners could notice the the way the story-tellers used voice and gestures.

Seven countries and eight languages characterise this literary project which builds on a common foundations of fairy-tale cultural heritage. The airport was chosen as a suitable location because it is both a literal and metaphorical starting point on a journey towards new cultures and languages.

The aim of the project, organised by European airlines and national cultural institutes, is to awaken the interest in European culture as well as in the study of foreign languages.


New destiny of Holesovice port

Holesovice port was most important post 110 years ago. Now it has a new purpose. The port becomes a residential district called Prague Marina.

Works on the object are in full speed, newer objects are mostly demolish, the old and historic one will become a part of the district. During the five phases of the build the complex will have up to a thousand high-class apartments, restaurants, cafés or commercial and office premises.

Prague Marina will combine green area with river surrounding. The architecture of apartments is conceived with large view and terraces.

The investment is about 400 millions euros.
Photos, video and other information are available at official pages.

Mysterious Plane Wrack without any Catastrophe

Dozens of rescue workers and fire fighters rushed to Prague 5 in order to help at a scene of expected disaster – inhabitants of a nearby locality reported sighting of fire. An explosion was also heard. Surprisingly (and luckily for the non-existent passengers of the plane with a Greek flag) the accident turned out to have been simulated.

The realism at the menacing scene was enhanced by bottles of alcohol and canisters of inflammable substances scattered around the burning pieces of the wrack. Furthermore, a convincingly misleading parachute was found on a nearby tree. Nevertheless, the incident could not have happened since the machine was not capable of flight.

Possibly, the occurrence could be described as an unsuccessful kind of a joke. On the other hand, it remains to be disclosed, whether the wrack belonged into mysterious script for some documentary. The only witness at the scene was approximately 40-year old man lacking personal documents. Allegedly a FAMU student filming the “disaster” was at the scene as well.

Whatever the motivation might have been, the fun may turn out rather costly. The culprit could be fined for damage of the protected environment up to several hundred thousand crowns.

War 1866 at Prague Castle

Prague Castle presents new exhibition in these days. It is War 1866 and it shows exhibits from Austrian-Prussian war from year 1866. It was 140 years ago and most of battles was at Bohemia and Moravia. This conflict brought new division of powers and started integration of Germany.

Exhibits comes from Military Museum of History and you can see arms and weapons of infantry, artillery, horseman and engineers units. The exhibit shows Geneva Conventions for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field where you can also see examples of medical device.
The exhibit can offer you even rocket gun from this years. They use ended in 1867, for a while.

The exposition is in Powder Tower at Prague Castle named Mihulka and the exhibition is opened every day between 9 am and 5 pm until autumn of this year.


The longest relay of the world in Prague

A torch relay World Harmony Run promoting and strengthening global friendship and understanding reached on its more than fifty thousand kilometres long journey the Czech Republic. The runners were guests of the Mayor of Prague 1 Mr Vihan in the Old Town City Hall.

The torch’s flames symbolise harmony among more than 80 participating nations. Not only is the torch carried by the runners but it also passes through the hands of people who meet them. Everyone can take part by carrying the torch only few metres, by holding it or by cheering and supporting the runners. In this way the passing of the torch symbolically overcomes barriers such as cultural or political ones.

The relay will be passing through the Czech Republic exactly one week till 21st July when it will continue its almost thirty thousand kilometres long European part ending in London on 10th October. You can read more about this noble project here.

Admire Czech frontier mountains from Prague

Visitors to Prague can enjoy the attractions of the capital city and simultaneously marvel at the beauty of nature dozens of kilometres away. The only thing to be done is to climb a rocky spur of hill Ladvi.

To be more precise, take the tube and travel to Ladvi station, then change to a bus (103, 345 or 368). It is also possible to take a walk to the Ladvi hill.

A combination of being 325 metres above see level and clear weather enables you to see as far as the distant Krkonose, Krusne (Ore) and Jizera mountains. The view can be improved by using a small telescope from the nearby observatory. This implies that this place also has a lot to offer to the fans of astronomy.

The directions in which to direct one’s gaze are numerous. Do not forget to include the highest mountain of the Czech Republic Snezka, which is more than hundred kilometres away. Jested with its famous architectonic television transmitter and the legendary Rip mountain as well as castles such as Bezdes can also be seen.