Compact archive August 2, 2006

Trip to castle in Prague

Ctenice castle may be one of Prague sights that are less well known but have nonetheless a lot to offer. This article therefore gives you a possible trip suggestion.

Ctenice with its over seven hundred years old history can be proud of two exhibitions. The first one is devoted to Habsburg dynasty whereas the other one contains historical sleighs and carriages. The oldest carriage is almost three hundred years old – it was built in year 1720.

Sleighs and carriages have something in common – horses. Ctenice castle with its lovely interiors also offers horse riding with professional instructors. To avoid disappointment you should call in advance, though. Smaller children can look forward to enjoying ponies.

Ctenice can be comfortably reached by bus 280 from Ceskomoravska station which is also a metro station – yellow line B.


Change in the driving habits?

The new regulations and laws about driving have been valid only for one month but the results are already to be seen. The statistics clearly show that driving must have improved. There were significantly fewer accidents and injuries – by one third. The number of dead on Czech roads for July 2006 was the lowest tally for the last thirty-six years. The total was only a half of the last year’s sad statistics.

These improvements may but also may not represent a start of a positive long-term trend. The police say that the initial careful driving is starting to wear off and they therefore plan more controls. The new data also imply that the hotly discussed changes to the law may make it more precise and adequate but no large-scale alternations are to be expected.

Changes in driving also affect Prague streets where the road signs are being currently updated. It should be finished in the course of this fortnight. The way in which Prague was touched by the new regulations can be seen from one statistics saying that 162 Prague drivers lost or will soon lose their licence. Almost all of them were namely caught driving with alcohol measured in their blood.


Stanley Cup comes to Prague

The famous ice hockey trophy for the NHL winner arrives to the Czech Republic tomorrow and will spend here two days. The first one with defenceman Kaberle – whom Carolina Hurricanes thank for their victory against Edmonton Oilers. The second day will be the trophy of the major professional ice hockey league in Canada and the states held by forward Vasicek.

The cup will be brought to a party on the first night, where there should also be Jaromir Jagr, who won the trophy in the two successive years 1991 and 1992.

Stanley Cup will be with Vasicek in Prague’s Slavia – Eden in the morning. The player will be giving autographs here between nine and eleven hours and there will also be the opportunity to take a photo with the ice hockey star and the cup.

Summer movie theatre review

This review invites you to spend one of your evenings in a summer movie theatre. There are actually three to choose from in Prague – one is to be found on Strelecky (Sharpshooters’) Island, the second one is summer movie theatre River City Prague which shows Czech movies for free. The trio is completed by Karlin Film Summer 2006. There is also the opportunity to pay a visit to Namesti Miru and watch one of the three films shown there that you could read about recently.

This review will detail the last summer theatre, where I saw yesterday a very interesting German film The White Masai about love at first sight between a Swiss young woman and Samburu warrior . The programme offers very good films such as the dark comedy Keeping Mum (tonight), fantastic Chronicles of Narnia, the great Ice Age 2 or the documentary Super Size Me to name at least some of them. The last August evening is reserved for The Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man´s Chest.

One ticket can be purchased for 25 crowns and the films start at half past eight during August. The garden of CRo Regina in Karlin is very conveniently accessible by public transport – concretely there is tram station Urxova nearby (8 and 24) and also metro station Invalidovna (yellow line B). The cinema has very good sound and there is a also stall there with a wide range of refreshments to make the evening perfect.


Jan Šibík's Stories - More than a mere exhibition

Interest. Disturbance. Fear. Disbelief. Sadness. All of these terms have a common denominator – “Stories”. Until 5th August can you
experience all of these emotions if you visit Jan Šibík’s exhibition. Just pop in when you are in visiting one of the most famous places of Prague – the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square.

In my view, it is worth seeing for many reasons. Firstly, pay attention who you are buying your ticket from – the famous photographer himself! This allows the visitors to ask questions relating to his work. What an opportunity given his career during which he viewed more than 200 times the most disturbing and decisive moments all over the world through the lens of his camera.

Jan Šibík’s photos won deservedly many awards such as his third place at World Press Photo – “Oscar” in the world of photography and dozens of Czech Press Photo awards. Stories is not only an exhibition but also third of Šibík’s books and both, as the name suggests, “tell” the visitors and viewers various stories from the last five years such as about the Liberian child soldiers, the hidden world of North Korea, violent Iraq, the consequences of the hurricane Katirna or the deadly tsunami that hit Sri Lanka.

To conclude this review, I would like to quote a tourist from London who left in the visitors’ book message containing words such as “amazing” and he also expressed his gladness he “found this exhibition”.


Salmon caught in Prague's Vltava river

An angler caught salmon whilst fishing in Vltava river near Prague Zoo. The fish was rather large and therefore the angler asked a passer-by for his assistance. The man recognised that the fish was no ordinary pike-perch, as the angler was claiming, but an exotic salmon. The adjective exotic was used, because salmons can no longer be found in Prague’s Vltava.

Therefore, the passer-by suggested half-jokingly that rather than eating the salmon it should be staffed and exhibited in the museum. Nevertheless, the angler had probably with his fish different plans that had to do with the evening meal.

The man, who recognised the salmon, was so surprised that he sent its photo to a daily newspaper publisher. The experts examined the photo of the catch and noticed a missing fin. This is a typical feature of salmons bread artificially. It is therefore possible that someone bought the fish and let it into the river rather than eating it. The professionals also claimed that the fish was already dead for some time. On the other hand, the witness said the fish had seemed rather lively.


Three demonstrations expressing support for Israel planned for today

Three demonstrations will mark today’s “Day of Solidarity” with Israel and its military actions in the southern Lebanon. The demonstrators see the steps undertaken by the Jewish state as a part of the war against terrorism.

The first demonstration is planned for five o’clock in Franz Kafka Square near the Old Town Square. One hour later the demonstrators should appear in front of the Lebanese embassy. The trio of today’s demonstrations should be closed in front of Israeli embassy at half past seven in the evening.

On the other hand, yesterday’s demonstration in the city’s centre was called to express support of Lebanon. Approximately 150 demonstrators pointed at the massacres on Lebanese civilians. There was also a petition, which calls for immediate peace, signed by the participants as well as by the passers-by.

The whole conflict started on 12 July with Israeli attempts to destroy the bases of the extremist Islamic movement Hezbollah. During this part of the Middle East conflict several demonstrations, that were reported about, took place in Prague.