Compact archive August 11, 2006

Finishing touches to reconstruction of Karlin Theatre

Despite the fact that Karlin Theatre still resembles a building site from the outside, only finishing touches remain before the reconstruction is completed next month. The main auditorium is said to be finished from ninety per cent and the remaining works are just minor details. The renovation and repair works lasted more than one year and required 630 million crowns. The reconstruction started after the damaging floods from the year 2002 but was needed already long before that.

The theatre will completely change its appearance. Even the former pink colour will be replaced by the original green. It may be rather difficult to recognise the historical building since it will be surrounded by modern annex comprising new technical equipment, changing rooms, a studio as well as a ballet assembly room.

The only truly historical area will be the auditorium but even here changes took place. The stage was doubled at the expense of a smaller auditorium. This is certainly an improvement since the fewer spectators will enjoy better view and greater comfort. This can be tried for the very first time during the festive premiere of musical “Producenti” (The Producers) with Ivana Chylkova and Martin Posta with which the theatre will be opened.

The “old-new” Karlin Theatre, which should be lit during the night, will thus combine the most modern technological support with precious historical tradition.


New daily newspaper for Prague

Prague will soon have another daily newspaper. The publisher Vltava-Labe-Press aims to find a place on the Prague market after the former Vercernik Praha ceased to be published last autumn and the daily paper Sip appeared. Vltava-Labe-Press is certainly experienced concerning newspaper publishing since it issues dozens of regional daily newspapers both for Bohemia as well as in Moravia.

The new newspaper will be called “Prague daily paper” and should appear at the beginning of autumn. This newspaper will not be free but Prague already has four free newspapers – three are given to people in the mornings (their names can be translated as Metro, 24 Hours and The Metropolitan Express) and the fourth one (Courier) comes to letter boxes of Prague’s dwellers.


American Rodeo in Sazka Arena

Prague Sazka Arena will on 14th October resemble a scene from some American western. Show that will take place here will certainly fulfill the claims of the organizers that rodeo is an extreme adrenalin sport. It is said that rodeo enjoys as much popularity in the united states as famous sports such as ice hockey or baseball.

The watchers can look forward to seeing a varied and engaging programme including six traditional disciplines such as barrel racing (horse racing around barrels), pole bending (slalom around poles), timed steer wrestling, the precision requiring calf-roping and last but not least bronk riding (wild horse riding with no saddle) and bull riding.

Apart from dozens of animals and professionals from abroad as well as from the Czech Republic, the viewers of the show will also have the chance to see Indians or marvel at the beauty of a light show.

Letni Letna festival will end the holidays

For Letni Letna Festival 2008 continue here

Already the third year of the festival Letni Letna (Summer Letna) will take place from 21st August till 3rd September. The festival aims to show the most interesting aspects from new circus as well as from special theatre. Clown performances and other aspects of visual arts will also be presented.

The area lying between the Havansky Pavilion and the famous Kramarova vila (Kramarova villa) will be covered with circus tents, cabarets and there will also be space for a bar and for music performances. Concerts will be on the evening programme list daily.

The festival performances and shows will be the work of artists both from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. To give you some flavour it is possible to name the French Malabar with their Helios II. This performance is based on a fire show and apart from dangerous acrobatics you can look forward to seeing a huge mechanical model of the European mantis. Cirque Trottola with their humorous performance with extraordinary props and lots of juggling will also travel to Prague from France.

This year’s festival will thus offer lots of very interesting performances showing different aspects of these arts. Children can also look forward to special programme.


Admire African Beauties whilst in Prague

“Africa – Wild at Heart” represents a great opportunity to “visit” a continent associated with wild beauty but also a continent of increasingly threatened and gradually vanishing magnificence.

This exhibition offers many ways to peep into the African world – world linked with cultural richness as well as dire poverty, with wild beauty on the one hand and danger on the other hand. For some it is the ancient “home” of human race, for others a continent where humans suffer…

The division of the exhibited large scale professional photographs into three sections ensures the visitors are offered various perspectives. All of the photos come with description and some useful and also surprising facts.

Firstly, there is a section depicting Africa through “the eyes of the gods” – as the continent is seen by the birds (or rater from a plane). Secondly, “wild at heart” section shows true wilderness because when viewing some of the shots one must wonder, how such a photograph could have actually been taken. The last section opens a window into the life of many African tribes.

The photographs are the core of the exhibition but there is much more to it which makes it so special. Three dimensional objects belonging to the work of the explorers as well as parts of skeletons of rhinos and unbelievably big butterflies (from the National Museum and the Botanical garden) enhance our impressions.

The exhibition (open daily until the beginning of September) is situated in Karolinum (Ovocný trh) and a purchase of the ticket also allows you to visit the renovated foundations of the world famous University from the middle ages in the underground of the building. Can there be more reasons why to make sure this exhibition is included in your itinerary? You may also want to have a look at the official pages.


New giant library for Vitezne Namesti

Vitezne Square will in the course of the next two years change dramatically. There should namely appear a giant library at a place, where there is currently only a parking lot. The building will be truly gigantic since it should measure 70 metres by 70 metres and the shape of its base should resemble a rounded square.

The project will require around two billion crowns and the new National Technical Library (currently residing in Prague Clementinum) should become the biggest library built during the post-Velvet revolution period. Apart from the library itself there should also be a cafe, a night reading room, a large hall as well as an area of exhibitions and a bookstore. All of this should fit into five floors of the building to which the architects plan to add three underground ones. Here should be space for book storage as well as a parking area.

The new technical library should be rather extraordinary. The architects designed it in such a way that the running of the building should be very economical. There should be for example no need for air conditioning because of the surface of the building with double layer of material.