Compact archive August 16, 2006

Archeological found in Prague centre

A discovery from 12th century was made in Prague centre near Vltava river. Demolished soap factory from 19th century between Lannova and Novomlynska street hid history older than half thousand years.

The archaeologists found buildings with kilns and marks of metallurgy. As artifacts there were coins and silver decoration of hair. The excavation shows also remnants from 13th, 14th and 15th century. It is high quality rubble paving, late medieval spa and mill in baroque style.

Research took three months and now it comes to the end.

Floods 2002 - Photo exhibition

Association of Czech photographers presents in Karlin an exhibition of amateur photos with a theme of Prague floods in year 2002. You can see the photos in the gallery of Association of Czech photographers, where is placed thirty pictures from different authors.

The gallery is in Kollarova street 14 in Prague-Karlin. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 2pm – 6pm. Entrance fee is 10 crowns. The exhibition ends 5th September.

In addition, the association organizes photographic competition focused on new face of Prague district Karlin.


Cars can ride faster at some roads

Relatively good behavior of drivers at Czech roads since the new road law from 1st July brings advantages tor them. Drivers can ride faster at seventy-five locations in Prague. The speed is raised for twenty or ninety kilometers per hour mostly to 70 and 90 km/h.

Some places was chosen by the city hall, but the hall also gave a chance to drivers. Around 430 suggestions was sent by drivers about raising the speed at some roads and streets.

Changes appeared at some important roads like Barrandov bridge, Prumyslova or Strakonicka – there is maximum speed 70 km/h now. Jizni spojka what is an important part of inner Prague circuit now offer maximum speed 100 km/h during the night. City halls doesn’t plan any other changes in some time, but roads with smaller importance are in competence of district town halls.


Stvanice island - an island of sport

Stvanice island is a place of sport for many years. There is a historic hockey stadium, where Czech national team won world championship for the first time. You can visit a lot of tennis courts or relatively new skateboard park. Now Stvanice waits for changes.

The island will be revitalized in a few years. The works should start two years ago, but large floods in 2004 changed it. Now the planes was fixed and it counts with flooding area, where the island is. Company Meridian what is a leader of the project of revitalization wants to make more places where sport is accessible not only for professional athletes.

Stvanice will have also higher number of accesses on the island. Hlavkuv bridge will offer access from both sides, small bridges for pedestrians and bikers will lead from Tesnov, Holesovice and Karlin districts. New building or playgrounds for young and older kids with boat hiring place can people visit at the island. The expected cost is 33 millions Euros.