Compact archive August 17, 2006

Jewish museum shows the best

Jewish museum in Prague has 100th anniversary in these days and therefore it was prepared special exhibition. The museum shows the best in years 1906-1940.

The museum was found in year 1906 as a last chance to save the remnants of Prague Jewish history. It was because the officials in the beginning 20th century started to demolish old Prague quarter Josefov, where Jewish community lived for a half thousand years.

That is why the exhibition has a name Against the Beast, as the Prague magistrate was called in there years by Jews. As a trustee of exhibition says they present the best what the museum can offer.

The exhibition is open until 1st October in Jewish museum near Spanish synagogue daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Saturday and Jewish holidays. Entrance fee for adults it 30 crowns.


Citizens of Prague has the most cars in Europe

Prague has highest number of cars counted at one citizen. It is 1,9 citizens at one car. Paris has 2,4 citizens, London 3,0. Number of registered cars in Prague is about 570 thousands.

Most cars are of course home-brand Skoda. Another popular cars are Ford, Opel or Renault. In comparation with the western Europe, Prague has older cars. Average age is twelve years, the west has cars two years younger.

The annual rise of numbers is two per cents in Prague. After the end of commmunistic era in ninetes it was fifteeen per cents.
Cars drive 20 millions kilometers in Prague every day. Most cars is Skoda Felicia LXI (17 000 pieces)


Czech Republic has two prime ministers now

Czech Republic has a new prime minister. It is Mirek Topolanek from ODS. But all competences still has Jiri Paroubek (CSSD). This conditions still until the inauguration of the new Government.

The elections were two months ago and the Speaker of parliament was voted this Monday. It is Miroslav Vlcek (CSSD) who is in this function only temporary. Paroubek’s government resigned yesterday and the president Vaclav Klaus accepted it. After that the new prime minister was inaugurated. Topolanek must negotiated with Social democrats (CSSD) if he still wants to be a PM. After inauguration of new Government it has thirty day to approve it by majority in parliament. After the government inauguration the members of the old one will leave their posts.

The law says that the only old is in office, but there are some indistinct things. For example who has a right for Prime Minister’s salary or diplomatic privileges.


Works on aquapark will continue

Three years stopped works on aqua park would continue this November. The biggest aqua park in Central Europe will stay in commercial zone Cestlice few kilometers away from Prague.

The work on the aqua park would end at the end of year 2007. The complex will contain thee halls with water entertainment, a restaurant, two parking houses and a hotel. The capability of the aqua park will be 3000 visitors a day.

Main building with three halls will have dressing room and restaurant. It has a triangle platform and 2750 square meters. Palace of Waves hall has whirlpool bath, children pool and slides. The second, Palace of Adventure has switchbacks, rapids, caves and lagoons. The last is Palace of Surf where sportsman can swim against breakers or dive.