Compact archive August 18, 2006

Prague floorbal Czech Open

International tournament Fortuna Czech Open is now in Prague. The stars of floor ball will play until this Sunday in twelve sports halls.

The tournament hosts 213 teams from 18 countries. As it was last years most powerful teams are from Scandinavia like Finland champions Espoon Oilers or star team Finnsta IBK. Sweden teams wins at Prague open for five years and this year is Sweden presented by Pixbo Wallenstam.

Eight best teams from Czech Republic has Tatran Stresovice in first line. Czech TV programme CT 4 Sport broadcasts 15 matches. Final day is Sunday and there are final match of juniors, men, men Elite, women and women Elite.

Entrance fee is 120 crowns. More information at official pages

Brand new film festival in Prague

A new festival will be in Prague from 4th to 8th October. It has a name Der Film and it is a presentation on German-speaking cinematography. Movies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will screen in Aero and Svetozor cinemas. The festival will have also
support program concerned on German music and theatre.

The festival will have 15 full-length pictures plus many documents. The festival will present many movies, but there will be one unique. The silent movie called Mysteries of Human Soul from 1926 will have special projection, because the screen will be followed by live music specially compound for the movie.


Fifty years old history of bike producing ended

Czech company creating bikes from 1951 Favorit has definitely ended on yesterday auction. Grounds and building where these famous road bikes was created were sold for 15 millions crowns. It was because the company become twice bankrupt.

The auction was very short. It took only five minutes to decide about the new owner. Bankruptcy administrator is not happy, because he expected the selling price at least 20 millions. An agent of new owner-developer company Nanny said, that it is not certain how will be building used, but they refuse to produce bikes.

The company bankrupt in year 2001 for the first time. Than it was bought by Bike Technology& Public Relations, that want to continue in producing of bikes. Unfortunately this year Favorit bankrupt once again.

The number of HIV positive people is growing in Czech Republic

Czech doctors send message to Czech population: HIV virus is still in Czech Republic and the number of infected people is growing faster.

Lowest number in recent years of infected was in year 2002, when it was fifty people. After that the number started to grow again. In year 2005 it was 90 and from January to July it is 64 people.

Doctors and specialist says that is because that discussion and information about the prevention disappeared from public. People are more light-headed. Statistics says that only one fifths are women. Most of them are homosexuals.

It is 891 registered HIV positive people in Czech Republic from year 1986. 202 of them have AIDS and 121 people died of this confirmed illness. Highest number of infected is in Prague, number of infected counted on people in region is highest in Karlovarsko (Karlsbad region) and in Usti nad Labem region.


Karlin is opening to Prague centre

Prague district Karlin has plan how to open itself to the rest of the city. Karlin in located between Vltava river on the north, only one main road leading to east, Vitkov hill on the south and Negrelli’s train viaduct on the west. The viaduct has only six passage arches to New Town so the rest of arches makes something like a wall.

Most arches are somehow blocked. In 19th century there were craftsman workshops, but now it mostly contains garages or warehouses. It is expected that the owner of the bridge could repudiate an agreement in twelve months and the walk under the whole viaduct could be possible after a year.

Negrelli’s viaduct is historically first train build in Prague. It was build in 1850 and it was longest bridge of Europe until the year 1910. Now the bridge is second oldest bridge in Prague.

Construction of metro is in the half

Construction of segment Ladvi – Letnany on north part of the red line C reached a half of works. The opening is expected on first half of year 2008. The cost is 15 milliards CZK and it have three stations: Strizkov, Prosek and Letnany. For Prague city hall is building of this segment is a priority in traffic division.

Tunnels and underground parts of stations are build, now the construction continues on laying of tracks, adding technological equipment and building the surface parts of stations.
Letnany station has biggest platform of all stations. Instead of standard 10 meters of wide the station has twenty. It is expected that the station will be highly used by passengers, because near the station is large residential area and new exhibition grounds are build here. The Letnany is also most discussed place where the Olympic games could be made.

Cold shower waited for city hall after suggestion of state budget. Instead of expected 1 milliard for metro construction or at least 420 million as it was last year, the state want to give nothing. The Prague magistrate is of course indignant. In other Europe countries the state funds metro construction by 50 per cents. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands it is even 90 per cents.