Compact archive August 22, 2006

Man in kilt at statue of St. Wenceslav

This morning a man in kilt climbed at large statue of St. Wenceslav at Wenceslav square. The man with blue face as Willam Wallace in a movie Braveheart sat there until a fire brigade come and took him out by ladder.

It was shortly before 7 a.m. when someone call to fire brigade that some man in skirt was crawling at the statue. Then the brigade arrived fire men had to use a ladder to take him. The statue was blue at some places after rioter’s exhibition.

This is not the first case what this guy done. He was on Saturday at Moto GP in Brno, where he went in a track after a ride and he rode there at kid scooter. In the evening he tried to exhibit naked in front of Brno’s audience at the stadium. Even he wears Scottish clothes he is Czech.

Building of a Year 2006

A competition Building of a Year is this year for tenth time. Prague has 18 buildings from 44 suggested. Four of them are financed from money of Prague city hall.

It is Barriers against floods at Lesser Town, House with day care in Dubec, Office building of Prague 2 at Miru square and also Farmhouse Ladronka in Brevnov district.

Ladronka was built in 17th century and the building was building was ruined ten years ago. It was inhabited by squatters, who organised there many alternative exhibitions, and cultural meetings. They were banished and the building could be reconstructed. Now Ladronka is restaurant and sport-cultural centre again.

Building of a Year starts every year in June and ends next year in May. A building that has final building approval in that time can compete. All four buildings reached second round where is 24 buildings. Next week 15 buildings will be selected and five of them will reach status a Building of a Year. Expert jury see buildings the place and also studies plans and other materials.

Czech Wrecks 2006 race

New car race comes to Prague. Although races are very popular, this one is not welcomed by Prague city hall. Czech Wrecks 2006 has as a most important condition the cost of a car lower than 100 GBP. City hall is scared from wreckage heading to Prague.

The race starts in city Calais, France. It is expected that cars arrive to Prague 4th September. Police worries, that racers would left their trash-cars in Prague streets and the magistrate would have to remove it at their costs. Police also doesn’t wont to have problems with racers who are exceeding maximum speed limits.

The organiser Justin Clements says that the Prague don’t need to worry. The race is not about fastest car, but the track has many trials on the track. too fast ride is not problem at all, because these cars has can hardly reach it. The organiser has a as a conditions to be part of the race like insurance of a car or a technical approval.

Czech Wrecks are this year for the first time and mow has seventy registered cars, most of crew are from Great Britain. Other racers are from Italy, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and five teams from Czech Republic.


Prague has street of Karel Kryl

Prague has one hundred new streets every year. In the day of remember to Soviet occupation 21st August 1968 a new name of a street was inaugurated yesterday. The street has name Karla Kryla (Karel Kryl’s).

Karel Kryl was not only one of the most important anti communistic singers with unforgettable lyrics. He was forced to emigrate from former Czechoslovakia in 1969 to Western Germany. Kryl returned in revolution times in 1989 where he played a protest meetings. Karel Kryl died in 1994. He is buried in Brevnov monastery.

Karla Kryla street is in Prague district Stodulky, where he visited his sister and where he composed some of most of his songs. The name of street was suggested by member of Parliament Pavel Bratsky who was a mayor of Stodulky many years. The street was inaugurated by Bratsky, mayor of Prague Pavel Bem, mayor of Stodulky David Vorazka with Kryl’s brother Jan and widow Marlen. The member of Karel Kryl’s club mr. Ludek Zmrzlik sang one of Kryl’s song there.