Compact archive August 23, 2006

Race of veterans, not wrecks

Prague will be target of another race. As you can read in yesterday article, Prague will be target point of race, where cars are as cheap as possible. But this race is on the other side of car value.

Best veteran cars starts from Budapest ride through Vienna and ends at Prague Charles Bridge. After that cars will pent some time at Hradcany square where you can see them.

None of cars has younger year of produce than 1960. Oldest car has been made in 1910. Brands of cars shows how rich the owners are: Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Maserati. There is only one representative of Czech Republic – brand Tatra 603. The race is organized by Luis Vutton company. Their last race was in year 1998 and lead alongside Great wall of China.


New anti terroristic unit

Ministry of Internal affairs are started to create new department to fight against organised terrorism. It would be focused on gathering and collecting of information about terrorism and cooperation with foreign departments.

The centre should have from thirty to fifty people, the centre should have members from The Unit for Detection of Organised Crime and Financial police. The meeting about this department would be at September and after two months the department could work.

The department should make easier work for police investigators by using information from intelligence service. This department will create much better communication between Czech and foreign countries. This will make work more effective.

Bank robbers strikes again

Three robbers who stole money from exchange office in Prague centre on Saturday, tried to steal money once again. It was in Prague too. This time they tried to steal money from exchange office in Celetna street in Prague centre yesterday afternoon.

Two men entered to office, one checked surrounding outside. One of them aimed at an owner of the office and want money. The owned refused and started to shout for help. After that robbers escaped.

Prague taxi is one of most expensive in Europe

Czech newspapers MF Dnes compared costs of taxi services in European capital cities. The cost was counted to average salary in country where measures were made.

The results are not very friendly for Czech people. The ride for average salary would be 762 kilometers long. Average salary of Spaniard is enough for 1733 km of taxi ride in Madrid. The ride in Paris and Vienna is for inhabitant 1864 km long. And Berlin offer for average German salary 2730 km long ride. More expensive taxis are in Slovakia when costs aren’t limited.

On the other hand, taxi Prague drivers says that they have more expensive input. And Prague City hall wants more required equipment for taxi.


Czech airlines needs money from Czech Republic

Czech Airlines are in large loss. It was 532 millions crowns in a half of year 2005. This year it is 773 millions. Large help should come from money of Czech Republic.

Czech Airlines (CSA) have to pay new planes ordered by old management from Airbus company. Costs are higher by 11,3 per cents, mostly because of more expensive fuel and higher earnings. Required help is two milliards crowns. Czech Republic has more than ninety percents of share.

Large competition mostly cased by low-cost airlines like Smart Wings or SkyEurope takes customers away. A management of CSA tries to reduce loss by firing employees. one hundred and fifty accepted offer of ten salaries in change of leaving jobs in CSA.