Compact archive August 24, 2006

Speedway Grand Prix in Prague

This Saturday is in Prague world championship of speedways. The tournament has a jubilee in Prague for this time. Prague prepared additional programme with Grand Prix.

Lower part of Wenceslav square will be a place where people can see from 10 p.m. motorcycle veterans like brands Cechie/Bohmerland, Harley-Davidson, BMW or Jawa.
In 2 p.m. all bikes will start their journey to stadium Marketa, where Speedway Grand Pix start in 7 p.m.
Marketa Stadium in Ladronka offer programme from 1 p.m. for adults as well as for kids.

This Grand Prix has in Prague ten jubilee and no stadium in the world can compare with.
More information can be found in Speedway pages.

Martina Navratilova presents her pictures

Martina Navratilova, world tennis legend is preparing an exhibition of her pictures in Congress centre. The exhibition has Czech a premiere 7th October and it was created with Slovakia artist Juraj Kralik.

The exhibition has a name Art Grand Slam and works started on it in year 2000. This project was made in New York, Melbourne, Paris, London and also in Revnice u Prahy, where Martina grew up.

The exhibition has around one hundred of pictures of different sizes and materials-paper, canvas, clay or fake turf. The surface is covered by multiple color spots made by Martina’s tennis ball which she struck on the surface. Largest picture has ten square meters.

Do you want to rent Charles Bridge?

As you can read in yesterday article Prague rent Charles bridge to fashion company Luis Vutton as a part of race of veterans.

The bridge would be closed from 6th to 10th September, first three days will have three meters wide corridor for tourists, the bridge would be closed completely from Saturday 3 p.m. to Sunday 2 a.m. This is because is planned party at Charles Bridge Some councillors of Prague 1 are annoyed because no one told him abut this drastical close of one of the most important monuments in Czech Republic.

The agreement was made between the company and Prague 1 hall and Technical Administration of Communications. Now special comission wants to know how was the contract signed. Prague 1 invites 1,2 millions crowns as a profit to district cash, but someone says that is almost nothing in 750 millions crowns large years budget.

Charles bridge cost 250 000 crowns for every day of shooting (the fashion company want to shoot documentary about the race), other rent is paid in addition. It is 10 CZK for square meter every day.

With this i bring another infromation. Reconstruction of Charles Bridge is moved to spring of next year.

Prague 2 fights against sprayers

Town hall of Prague 2 wants to clean facades of public buildings in their district. Prague hired a cleaning company, which removes “work” of sprayers in two days. Buildings are covered by substance making the remove much easier. This substance is used in other districts of Prague some time.

The company cares for twenty-five buildings. The cost is 1300 crowns for a month and one building. The system is effective, but town hall wants to extend the number of protected buildings, so the district start a selection procedure.

Sprayers cause damage in millions of crowns every year. Strongest effort of damaging building by sprayers was in nineties.