Compact archive August 25, 2006

How does Prague use funds from Europe Union?

Capital city of Prague used most of money fro European to repairs and reconstructions. From 1,33 milliard crowns it is 1,14, that mean almost ninety per cents.

Most expensive has been repair of Broumarska street in Prague 14. 213 millions crowns were taken from funds. Very important repair of Petrin funicular costs 50 millions. Other project are elevators in Florenc station for 43 millions and Camera system in Prague for 50 millions.

The rule of using funds says, that European union will pay fifty percents of the cost, the rest is equally divided between Czech state and an applicant like city or city department. Over eighty projects has been realized this year.

Czech company produces second product made from nanothread

Nanothread will now have a new use. Elmaco company cooperated with Liberec Technical university and created new use for nanothread: a sound isolation.

This is a second product created by this cooperation. The first one was a patch for better healing of wounds. The team as first in the world constructed a machine for industrial producing of nano threads. Nano threads are three time lighter than materials used in present time and is very universal.

Elmaco wants to start cooperation with a company who creates materials absorbing sounds. Elmaco as a first middle-size company has open branch in Japan, where it want to expand to Asia and Australia. The company now cooperate with Ireland Alltracel Pharmaceuticals in producing of wound-cover materials. First products can be bought next year.

Stolen guitars has been found

As we inform, collection of guitars in cost eleven millions crowns has been stolen this July in Prague. Police found thieves and eighth out of eleven guitars.

Two thieves were already punished for crimes, one of them is drug addicted and also producer of pervitin. Police caught them after investigation and collecting of evidence 8th August. With regard to crimes what were committed and founded equipment to pervitin producing, older offender can spend in jail up to twelve years. The young one can could be sentenced to five years.

Still three guitars are missing. They are FENDER guitars in cost of hundreds of thousand, made between 1950 and 1980. It is most possible that guitars are already sold. Police still search for them.