Compact archive August 31, 2006

Parking lots P+R expand

Parking lots Park+Ride are very popular in Prague and it is expected growing number of these types of this transport style in capitol city.

Park and ride offers to park in distant places, which are easily accessible by cars and than continue into Prague centre by metro, tram or even bus.

Prague now has sixteen P+R lots with two and thousand places. The newest are at Skalka, Depo Hostivar and Chodov metro stations. Constructed lot will be in Letnany at north of Prague.

The compare of cost with a prize of parking lot in the centre is remarkable: It is only ten crowns for whole day and they are open from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. next day.


The king of Kambodia returns to Prague

Norodom Sihaony, a Kambodian king will visit Prague in this September. His invitation were approved yesterday by Czech government.

The king studied in Prague at elementary school, a conservatoire and a ballet at DAMU (Theater school) so he can speak Czech fluently. He will accept the freedom of the city Prague for his propagation of Czech capitol.

Norodom Sihamonu was born in 1953 in Phnompenh as a son of king of Kambodia. His father was deposed in 1970. When civil war ended, whole royal family were kept in house arrest even the king were the head of the state. Norodom become a king in year 2002 after abdication of his father.

Prices of fuel are decreasing

It was five weeks ago when the liter of gasoline cost average over 32 crowns. Now the prices are returning back below 30 crowns line.

Cheapest fuel is now in Jihlava and Trebic towns. The cost is 28,90 CZK. Both filling stations owns ONO company. The average cost is now 31,71, because stations at high roads are much expensive.

The cost is lower because ends summer driving season. Analytics says that the cost can be hardly cheaper. It is expected other direction. Hurricane season Iran embargo and other events like coming winter adumbrate that the cost of a gasoline will rise again.