Compact archive September 1, 2006

Prague save rare species of horses

The owner of horses has been bankrupt and Prague decided to buy them, because they afraid that the bloodline of horses would be weaken and disappear. The horses are Huculs and their line leads unashamedly to wild mountain horses what were in Europe centuries ago.

The batch of horses have eleven mares and seven stallions. The cost of horses is between 12 to 55 thousand crowns. Prague wants to safe this natural heritage, because hucul horses were used in army during World War but their need disappeared during years. The world has only about a thousand of horses.

Prague wants to add them to rescue breeding programme of Prague Zoo where are now Przewalskeho horses. The adding will take about three years and the horses will be used for hypo therapy until the date.

Changes in public transport ends

This weekend brings last days holiday and changes in public transporst ends. Most changes are in intervals, which will be shorter, and return of some tram and bus lines to streets.

The end many street works causes return of lines to proper route. They are trams 5, 10, 11, 17, 19, 24, 26, 36, 51, 53 and lines from Ladvi to Letnany and all lines leading trough Republiky square.

As a new, some lines will continue in their route to other dtations bus lines 124, 230 or 260. Completely new lines are 330 from Depo Hostivar to Uvaly, line 391 from Uvaly to Klanovice and night bus 606 from Prague-Budejovicka to Jesenice town.


Banks are improving internet banking protection

It was few ago, when someone has stolen money from bank account of ten Commercial bank clients. An “Internet thief” breakthrough to company computers where he stole certificates and passwords. Than he has stolen money from bank accounts.

Even the incorrect protecting was at side of clients, bank returned money from their reserves. But now comes with better protection system used in another Czech banks- GE Money Bank, Citibank, Volksbanks. Protection scheme using verification SMS will be for free.

Commercial bank hasn’t made changes alone. Same system will now use another large bank – Czech Saving Bank.