Compact archive September 6, 2006

National technical museum will be closed for year and a half

National Technical Museum at Letna will be closed from 12th September to 1,5 years. The building has first general repair since 1942. The last opening day is this Sunday. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is prepared for visitors large programme.

The visitors can also see history and information about the museum as well as planned reconstruction. The museum will present functional steam engine or a new Jawa motorcycle.

Visitors can expect more space for museum after the reconstruction with new expositions like an architecture, an astronomy, an industrial design, a polygraph or a communication.


Legendary motorcycle returns

Jawa brand was a synonym for motorcycle in Czechoslovakia during communistic era. Most popular was Jawa 550 pioneer nicknamed Stump. Now Czech company Motoscoot presents reborn version of this very popular machine.

New version has a prosaic name: New Pioneer and is is almost the same as a fifty years old type of the motorcycle. There is only small number of changes, like four-cylinder Honda engine instead of original two-cylinder.

The motorcycle is made in China in limited version 555 pieces. The cost is 38 555 CZK or 28 890 crowns. This vehicle is made as a thing of nostalgia, but it can be used as well as a normal motorcycle or better as a scooter.

The photo of the old Jawa is here. The new one looks almost the same.

Madonna is in Prague

Madonna, pop star queen visit Prague. She arrived yesterday afternoon to old Ruzyne airport and after that immediately rode to Four Seasons hotel. Madonna is in Prague for the first time. After her visit of hotel she went to Prague synagogue.

Madonna has two performance: the first is today and second one tomorrow. Both concerts has been sold out only hours after the begin of selling. The tickets can be bought on the Internet in cost of ten thousand from profiteers.

But police warns that fans of Madonna can be deceived, because it is expected that false tickets can appear. It is a week ago, when police caught a band of criminals who made false tickets.

A sapling of the oldest tree in the world will raise in Prague

“As old as Methuselah” is said. The oldest living organism on Earth has this name. It is a “long-aged pine” (pinus longaeva) living in United States. The tree has 4,780 years and it is older than Giza pyramids in Egypt. Prague now has a one sapling of this tree.

Vaclav Vetvicka plant the small tree in Botanical garden Faculty of science of Charles University, Prague. The tree was brought by David Millarch, US gardener, founder of old trees survival project -Champion Tree.

Methuselah has only ten saplings and no more is now allowed for this time. Nine of them are in USA and the tenth is in Czech Republic now. The little tree with the name Methuselah Jr. will spend next fifty years in a glasshouse, protected against external influences and a theft.