Compact archive September 7, 2006

Extreme sports Sunday

Go Zlute lazne (Yellow Spa) host third volume of extreme music-sports festival G2 Joyride 2006. Over one hundred sportsman present their skills in adrenaline sports.

Czech championship in wakeboarding e.g. water-(snow)boarding is a most attractive part, but there is a lot more. Visitors can see para drop to Vltava river from a plane, water-ski exhibition or a beach rugby.

Other parts of G2 Joyride are a breakdance contest (XStream zone) or final part of a Prague streetball league (Streetball zone). Quicksilver zone will offer tricks on a skateboard, a free style BMX of tricks with a footbag.

The admission for this large event is free.


Czech Digital TV hass to wait a year at least

A court decided to channel all six licences for digital TV broadcasting yesterday. A director of TV Nova David Novak prosecuted the Committee for radio and television broadcasting, because competition for broadcasting was nontransparent.

Official start of digital broadcasting was planned to the first spring day 2007, but it is impossible now. TV Nova wants to have seven channels. TV Nova and TV Prima can be happy, because they are only commercing televisions, broadcasting in whole Czech Republic, so the money from advertisements are theirs.

TV station what have to wait are Febio TV, TV pohoda (full format TVs), news Z1, Ocko music station and RTA regional TV. Their licences are now cancelled. It is not certain how long does it will all take.

Lost snake has been found

Two meters long boa snake was lost in Prague metro this Sunday. Fortunately the snake has been found on Tuesday.

The snake has been found in metro in eight p.m. by passenger. The boa was in transport box and police expects that someone took the box, because he thinks that is a money box. When he saw the large snake, he changed his mind.

The owner is a breeder from Prague-Haje, who forget the snake in train in Mustek station. When he realized he lost the snake he immediately call police. Experts said from the beginning that such “small” snake is no thread. The boa snake could be dangerous in 4,5 meters of length.

Main station repair will be late

Prague Main train station (Wilson station) should be reconstructed now, but still nothing happens. Italian investor Grandi Stazioni advance the date three times.

Last expectations talks about the end of November and the investor says, that works will definitely start this year. Now the works wait for a building permission and also selection of a construction company. A company will select the order of build plan, but certain is that works will start in the entrance hall.

The works have had started this March, than this summer. Last change was planned to October. The deadline and plans won’t change. You can read about the reconstruction in an older article.


St. Vitus Cathedral belongs to Church, changes appears

St. Vitus Cathedral, the one of most important monuments of Catholic church in Europe is definitely in it’s property. The church have won a trial with Czech state. Now the new owner applies changes in this sanctuary.

Most important is that a ticket allowing to get to payed part of St. Vitus has to be payed separate from Prague Castle ticket now. Next bad thing is that free part of the cathedral is smaller now. The next things sounds better.

Schools with a teacher has a free admission to all cathedral as well as pilgrims with their priest. Adults pay 100 crowns, the half is for kids 6-15 years, students and seniors over 65 years. All chapels have descriptions in Czech and English and it is allowed to use a camera free.