Compact archive September 8, 2006

Footbal team Slavia starts stadium construction

Football Slavia team will built a new stadium. This mean that one of famous Czech teams will have finally it’s home after years. Slavia club sign contract with Hochtief company for building today.

The stadium will have 21 thousand seats and it’s cost will be almost one milliard crowns. The works would begin in October. The construction would be finished in March 2008.

The investment would return after fifteen years. The stadium complex will provide administrative, commercial and accommodation services. It is also planned train station with a name Slavia.

Antonin Dvorak's 165 birth anniversary

Antonin Dvorak is the most important composer of Czech classical music and his masterpiece Symphony No.9, “From the New World” is known in the whole world. He spent many years in USA as a director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York City, whe he composed this symphony.

Dvorak was born on September 8, 1841 in Nelahozeves near Prague. He was in America between years 1892 and 1895. His statue was erected in New York Stuyvesant Square.

Dvorak died on May 1, 1904. He is interred in the Vysehrad cemetery.


Luis Vutton's race will have an afterparty

.. but not at Charles Bridge. New selected place is Alsovo nabrezi (embankment). The company want to have a view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

The nabrezi awaits for drivers of luxury cars. The cars can be seen at Hradcanske square. Large party will host 300 people: racers, politicians, businessmen etc.

The party is only for invited people, but visitors of Prague can see fifteen minutes long fireworks beginning at quarter to ten. The party will be from Friday to Saturday.

A new tram got off the rails

A new low-floor tram has accident yesterday. The tram got off the rails during it’s testing on a test rail in Hostivar depot. The tram hit a car parked near rails and badly injured one technician and a driver of a tram.

The tram is third one with Porsche design. First one is already on tracks, second one is used for training and third one was tested. The accident happened during testing of brakes in “cut off test”. The tram rode maximum speed and the driver has had use an emergency brake, but it is highly possible that the brake didn’t work.

The overseeing technician has been hit by the tram. The driver impacted the fascia-board and the wind-screen, he split a chest vetebra, but he immediately run to help to his colleague. The technician has a double fracture of his right leg, broken left blade-bone and three ribs.

Prague Public Transit Co. now research the accident. The damage on the tram is expected at 56 millions crowns.