Compact archive September 11, 2006

PayPal service is in Czech Republic in full version

PayPal, an American company very known for E-Bay users, could be used in full version in Czech Republic in four days.

Czech users can use only sending via PayPal service until now. This Thursday brings an option to accept money and even to send them to client’s bank. Sending and receiving is for free.


Radotin firemen has a new fire brigade station

Radotin firemen can fight against the fire more effectively now. New fire brigade truck and a car with ladder are new gifts from Prague. It is 120th Radotin volunteer firemen anniversary.

With that a new fire brigade station has been opened. The station is used by volunteer firemen, professional firemen and also Prague emergency service. The station is in V sudech street in grounds of a former school. The station has a sixty meters long noise barrier.

Cut the tape has been a part of the grand opening. But now the tape has been made of a steel pipe and a mayor deputy of Prague Rudolf Blazek cut the pipe with a hydraulic cutters.

Thirty Egyptians escaped from a refugee camp

A group of asylum seekers from Egypt escaped from refugee camp in Velke Prilepy near Prague. It has happened this Saturday night. Three of them were captured, the rest dissapeared.

All refugees are from Egypt and they have almost no chance to get asylum in Czech Republic. Czech Republic accepts asylant seekers only by rules of Genevian conventions: refugees escaping in case of a political or a religion persecution. Egyptians are trying to get to Czech Republic because of economic situation.

The future of Egyptians would be mostly simple: return back to Egypt, so the refugees has nothing to lose. Unpleasant conditions in refugee camp are not very kind for refugees. Barbed wire, armed guards and almost nothing to do in a camp make things worse. Refugees feel like in a prison, for example they have only a small asphalt ground in the open air.