Compact archive September 12, 2006

Cashback service in Czech hypermarkets

Cashback service eg. the option to withdraw money in shops and supermarkets comes to Czech Republic.

This service was available only in Datart shops with electronics for users of customer cards. Now cashback is available in hypermarkets Hypernova and supermarkets Albert.

This can be used by owners of CSOB Postovni sporitelna (Post Savings bank), and also Visa and MasterCard. It counts with credit cards, asset cards and even with electronic versions. The condition is to buy goods in a shop. Than the owner of the card can withdraw between 300 and 1500,- crowns.

Ceska sporitelna (Czech Savings bank) counts with cashback next year.

Pyrotechnists strikes

Heavily armoured pyrotechnist has got a work yesterday in Prague. Someone called police number 158, because he has seen a suspicious suitcase in Kinsky square.

Police also used a dog trained in recognizing bombs. Than one of pyrotechnists took the suitcase and give it into police vehicle. Fortunately the suitcase has been empty. It is possible than someone want to create a chaos or someone has been to lay to take the old suitcase into an garbage pail.


Tram driver was riding drunk

An anonymous passenger called to Public Transit Co. yesterday afternoon. He said that the driver of a tram drunk some alcohol during a ride. Transport supervisors immediately arrived to control the driver.

The driver has 0,9 per thousand of the alcohol in a blood. Supervisors called police and after their arrival police measured out 3,3 per thousand.

The driver can be charged with a menace under habit forming substance. A hearing can be made after drivers disenchantment. He will be fired with no doubts.


Biggest woman tennis legend with Czech origin ends

Martina Navratilova, a woman who is a living legend in tennis ends with her sport. This Saturday was a last day of her carrier and she has won US open doubles. She has fiftieth birthday next month.

Her first Grand Slam fight was in year 1973, she won tournament in Orlando in year 1974. She escaped from communistic Czechoslovakia to USA a year later.

Her name has a large number of world women tennis records. The highest number of titles in singles: 167, doubles: 177. The highest number of wins in singles: 1440. Most years in top ten: 10. Longest set of won tournaments: 13. The oldest winner of Grand Slam: 49 years, the oldest winner of WTA singles: 47 years. Martina Navratilova is also only one women who has won singles, doubles and mix in all four Grand Slams.

More about her can offer Wikipedia.

Czech flag from NY Ground Zero in Prague

Czech flag what has an origin in New York’s World Trade Center has been found in Ground Zero with other 35 flags months ago. 5th anniversary of the attack on WTC brought Czech flag to home country.

The flag has been presented by Czech foreign minister Alexander Vondra and American ambassador in Czech Republic William Cabaniss. The flag is dirty and large part of a right top corner is missing.

The flag was in the south tower of WTC with dozens of others in the second floor five years ago. Now the flag will return back to United Stated, to Czech national house in New York.