Compact archive September 14, 2006

Memorial at Vitkov hill will be closed

National memorial at Vitkov Hill is vibrant of life in these days. This is something like goodbye before a time of a sleep – the memorial will be under reconstruction for three years.

Vitkov Memorial is known for the largest equestrian statue in the world. It was a memorial of legionaries and it was a mausoleum for communistic president Klement Gottwald during some years of a totality.

After reconstruction in 2009, there will be modern museum about Czech history of 20th century. The museum should have multimedia expositions and presentations. First exposition will be Masaryk’s Republic 1918-1928. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk is the founder and first president of Czechoslovakia. Money for reconstruction comes from State budget.

Last days in Vitkov Memorial belong to a theater cycle Nights in Mausoleum. This event was very popular on May and therefore it returns.


Scrapman at Prague Andel

Sculptor Ondrej Sklenar decided to call people’s attention to ecologic processing of an old electrical appliances. He has start to create a sculpture of “Scrapman”. It is a figure made of old appliances.

The material is brought by citizens. It is made of refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, computers, TVs etc. The organisers of this event don’t want any money for that. The giant sculpture will stay in Andel space until Sunday, then the Scrapman will be take into parts.

Similar event was made five months ago, when another sculptor made the Memorial of Unknown Pig compound of litter dropped in area of Prague 5. The memorial was made from old refrigerators, kitchen-stoves and other dump.