Compact archive September 18, 2006

New sigmund Freud's statue

Sigmund Freud will have the statue in Prague. Freud is the father of psycho-analysis, author of many books, terms and procedures which are used nowadays.

Freud was born in Bohemia and as a part of 150th birth anniversary Prague will place his statue in Prague centre. The statue will be at Kozi placek in area of Josefov and Old Town District.

Sigmund Freud has also an exhibition in Prague.

Auctions returns and they are still popular

Dorotheum co. auction was very successful on last Saturday. It was a first auction after summer holidays with artworks. Almost three hundred artworks has been sold for sixteen million crowns.

The paint from 18th century called Country festivity has been sold for 750 thousands crowns, which is 150 per cents of the starting prize. but most successful has been an auction of a oil paint made by unknown Italian painter from 19th century signed as a Ferrarino. Two bidders rose the prize from starting 180 thousands to 1,4 million crowns.

Other thing has been sold, not only artwork like a woolen carpet for 55 thousands or a Turkish scimitar inlaid with gold for 85 thousands.

Stefanik's Bridge will be repaired

Stefanik’s Bridge, Libensky bridge and Hlavkuv bridge require repair. It’s bad condition has been found after floods 2002. Stefanik’s bridge is the first in queue.

The repair was planned to this year, but council hadn’t enough money, so the repair will start next year. The appropriation is 440 million crowns in budget for the next year. 350 millions will take the repair of the bridge itself, 90 millions are for the repair of the tram line.

The bridge’s framework will be straighten, isolation renewed and the roadway will be completely replaced. The bridge was built in 50’s in 20th century.

LIbensky bridge from year 1928 will be removed and the wider copy of it will be placed instead. Hlavkuv bridge is a part of north-south arterial. It was built between 1910-1914. It’s repair will start after the construction of the new Libensky bridge.

Cannonball 8000 race

Another race has track through the Prague, After Luis Vutton’s veteran race and very successful Czech Wrecks 2006 race another band of cars appeared in Prague. This time Prague has been only a checkpoint place.

Cannonball 8000 is a secret race of rich men. Porsche, Lamborgini, Bentley, Ferrari or Maserati brands has start in London and finish line is Budapest. 240 competitors in 120 cars had only 72 hours to get from the start to the finish.

Police didn’t noticed any problems with them during a monitoring. The crew has a large party on Prague Saturday night.


Public transport upgrades

Prague transport continues with improving of their fleet. Prague want to keep the ratio 60:40 public transport : individual transport.

Prague will offer 53 modernized trams. Some of them will be articulated. Five trams will have a barrierless access, two of them will be on rails this year. Other thing is buying of new buses. It wold be at least fifty, but it can be even one hundred.

Metro still continues with spreading. Three stations are built in the read C line in the north. Stations should be opened in summer 2008. B line still has old Soviet train set, but all of them will replaced. Next year it will be ten sets.