Compact archive September 19, 2006

Vinohrady vintage opened by Charles IV and St. Wenceslav

Vinohrady district means “a vineyard” and upon Vinohrady hill grapes matured from 14th century. The begin of vintage made by historical persons makes vintage in centre of Prague very festival.

The emperor Charles IV. arrive 22nd September to Grobovka vineyard with her wife and he will read king viticulture decree from year 1348.

Than the emperor and the real mayor of Vinohrady playing one of alderman start wine-tasting of Gorbovka vine from wine-vault Lechovice. St. Wenceslav, the patron of vine-grower will take a speech too.

Vrsovice chateau becomes a hotel

When you choose a ride through Vrsovice, for example by train to Benesov town you can see upon green hill covered by trees, with a white wall at the bottom, beautiful small chateau showing that it is one of few Prague’s spots where classical development ends down there and the hill is only for the only proud and elegant structure.

Vrsovice chateau lost their population: office holders and now the fate awaits. And we can say that is is not bad decision, The chateau becomes four-star hotel with eighty bedrooms. But now the hotel needs some restoration.

The chateau hasn’t been only a place where magistrate like old aldermen stayed. It has been a place where weddings has been made. And it will be in the future too. The wedding room and front entrance will have the same purpose, hotel entrance is in side entrance. The chateau will have also a police station, but hotel guests will appreciate fitness centre, swimming pool or hairdresser more.

The chateau is rent for thirty years for 563 thousands crowns per month.

Trains will be faster than metro

Prague still improves their system of public transport. Now is one of the best in Europe. Next step is better using of railways in Prague.

Problems with star-shaped metro system can solve surface rail transport much faster than trams, which are used only in central parts anyway. Of course that Prague uses railways for distant travel, but Prague citizens can use train as well as bus, tram or metro: tickets, short-term as well as long-term, can be used in Prague an out of Prague at some rails.

Works on new railway tracks with combination of the old tracks used only for freight trucks offer another effective type of transport. New train sets with gas-engines will help with that.

This brings not only new transport lines like connection of Smichov, Vrsovice, Zahradni mesto, Malesice, Bechovice, but also completely new stations. These steps will make faster and more straight transport in Prague.